Social Media Revolution: Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? This video details out social media facts and figures that are hard to ignore. This video is produced by the author of Socialnomics Drive customers and fans to your business, celebrity or endeavour with The Holy Trinity of Social Media Marketing. How to use Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, and Your Blog to create maximum internet present for your website. Get more details on how you can use The Holy Trinity of Social Media Marketing at Social Media Pathways.
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  1. tipkilby says:

    However overwhelming these amazing statistics, the reality is that we are now entering an exciting era in which small, local businesses and even individuals can have a voice that can be found and heard – to their exact market. With the recent re-orientation by Google, Bing, Yahoo and Bing, giving new priority to localized listing, the “world wide web” can now be seen as the “local narrow web”. The implications are staggering for those that choose to reap the benefits of this new paradigm.

  2. HopeSocialMediaPR says:

    I think this is great especially when it comes to small businesses it helps even out the competition

  3. soccer50002 says:

    LOL u had an error for “if facebook was a country” you have forgotten that Canada is bigger than the united states of america.

  4. zapdos2 says:


  5. GORCOWIE says:

    he’s using motion

  6. thegolfingmachine says:

    Very nice video, could you let me know what sort of tools you are using to create it? Excellent piece of presentation art… thanks

  7. cupani10 says:

    World media and entertainment is all controlled by Jews. There is no true information in the mass media. There is only Jewish lies and propaganda. There is true information in the alternative media, but you need to be awake to distinguish the true from false info. Because it is also all manipulated and infected by Jews to control our perception. We Goyms are totally dominated, abused and enslaved by them thanks to us sleeping idiots with no future.
    This is the Satanic Kabbalah World Order.

  8. abhvanl says:

    You can’t share this video in the netherlands

  9. abhvanl says:

    You can’t share this video in the netherlands

  10. alen209 says:

    In soviet russia news find you !

  11. IMProductsReviewed1 says:

    Hey #UN#,

    This was a pretty cool vid.

  12. acdcislegand says:

    im watching this because i saw it on sickapedia lol

  13. physivic says:

    …Works a lot better with Egbert’s ‘transitions’ playing in the background … that song is old and the statistics are horse manure. 33% of 18 to 34 year olds have ever watched a DVR? Only 18% of tv advertising campaigns work? lol, no.

  14. physivic says:

    …Works a lot better with Egbert’s ‘transitions’ playing in the background

  15. 0223kthur says:


  16. lilmissashley87 says:

    Hi my name is Ashley Franklin and I am Student in Dr.Strange EDM310 Class at the Univ.of South Alabama and we are having to do a project for our Class Blog and I have chosen to do mines on this video on Social Media just to show people how fast technology is moving.

  17. jumpclouds says:

    πŸ™ Am I the only one using email? No wonder my friends take months to respond.

  18. Matakana0985 says:

    This video is fun, a social comment on the social media world in July 2009. Although the statements are out dated (April 2011), only be expected in this fast paced social network world, where 30 year old governments can be toppled within hours – it’s talkin to a generation of it’s time. Music is great! Driving it along – a story in it’s self – the journey of social networking. It also seems to be the only thing that this video is serious selling with a link to iTunes, Thanks.

  19. truchox says:

    WOW dude this just blow my mind lol…crap…its everywhere social media is here to stay…but is it good or bad?

  20. Equilibristic says:

    @Jord4n09 This IS an advertisement. Ironically it’s challenging the traditional concept of advertisement by using social media just as they described. The short statements, rhetorical questions, and flashy graphics are part of an advertisers rhetoric. They haven’t tried to sell you anything, but now you’re thinking about social media and may have headed to their site dedicated to that – as intended. Statistics create an apparent objectivity but the effect of the video is still sensationalist.

  21. SocialMediaSphere says:

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  22. Fantageous says:

    No social media isn’t destroying this generation. Ise

  23. Fantageous says:

    This ad works because of the MUSIC!! Any message could be attached to such catchy energizing (perfect short attention span) rapid media graphics. Yes, I saw this in a class (numerous times). Luv it!

  24. dmilla04 says:

    @ridgehand.. keep smiling it may never happen. πŸ™‚

  25. luno44 says:

    @Jingles524 I know that, but if it’s so fast that I can’t actually read it, it’s like a commercial that everyone thinks is funny so you ask what they were advertising and no one knows. It’s a waste. If they had a narrator reading these, he’d sound like the micro-machines guy.

  26. PocketVideoMarketing says:

    great tips thanks

  27. VirtualAssistantInc says:

    @gariouscom I agree, music may be added to his video to make it more lively.

    Using facebook, twitter and blogs can help your business in a major way. Sign up now, they’re free anyway. πŸ™‚

  28. ThaHotCoolDude says:

    This video clip is a classic ;-}

  29. OnlineMarketing20 says:

    Social media marketing is the most inexpensive way of attracting traffic to your site .I think everyone should be using this new trend to get their brand in front of millions.
    Packer pack is dead on, you have to keep hammering on a regular basis. Be consistent and you will develop a following of worthy followers.By the way ,intersti8ng video,but some background music could add perfection.Efficient effort.Points, discussed are quite up to the mark.

  30. gariouscom says:

    I’d love to hear some background music added on this presentation. Nice points, though. I think many won’t admit that they’re failing in making meaningful interactions with their customers. Sometimes, numbers can be deceiving.

  31. SocialTalkLive says:

    Really good

  32. greenliondigital says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  33. alextoul says:

    Your explanations are great but your presentation is a bit boring in term of design and engagement ):

    Thanks though

  34. chulwoox says:

    Excellent !!!

  35. curtmaly says:

    NICE!!!! I have shared thsi video with a bunch of my friends. GREAT VID!

  36. garthscottjones says:

    I def. need to learn Prezi..

  37. torchfiremarketing says:

    Extremely useful video for directing traffic to your website

  38. massoutreach says:

    Great work !!!!