lyrics below: I messed my keywords up, lets see if I can fix that from page 1 to page 13, lets see if I can get back lose traffic and lose money, you know that I can’t have that networks everywhere, where can I put my ads at fix my SEO up I’m trying to get back anything fix google, no more Yahoo, they results come from bing several profiles on ning adding links to everything sharing links on delicious, bookmarking expecting me to retreat I won’t accept defeat write a new blog post, put it on twitter, can I get a retweet hashtag fb, selective tweet to facebook hasttag blogtitle, you know what it is before you take a look how much time will I spend, trying to make my topic trend not too much if they don’t like it, well they don’t like it then, more followers and more friends haven’t reached my peek yet checking all my sites in one place, tweetdeck pay per click on facebook, include it in my cost less than google adwords and its highly targeted locally, I look for deals, call me cheap, I don’t care check me out on foursquare, if you want to go there got so many profiles, sometimes I can’t stand it bebo, myspace, virb, black planet I stopped using all them years ago, they old and they outdated never got into yammer, and google wave never made it talk about what I do use where do I begin, facebook, tumblr, youtube, linked in vimeo, yelp, technorati, flickr stumbleupon, digg and I’m almost tired of twitter you get the picture I won’t say no more
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23 Responses to Social Media Marketing

  1. VirtualAssistantv says:

    you have a unique concept for this video. it’s cool. you are an artist because you have made a very creative video which is full of relevant information.

  2. VirtualAssistantInc says:

    Very creative and informative. Listening to this rap makes learning social media marketing more fun.

  3. MsIleaneSpeaks says:

    I love the concept. Very cool. Thanks for the laughs!

  4. omarrae says:

    This is so cool love your still keep it up

  5. verse202 says:

    Oh – this joint ferocious!

  6. verse202 says:

    Oh – this joint ferocious!

  7. jmurphree says:


  8. greenliondigital says:

    Creativity at its sublime best! Thumbs up!

  9. Battl3Cry says:

    next 2pac

  10. mainmanmoose says:

    straight into my favourites. creative and informative.

  11. Skatox says:

    There’s no one like m0serious

  12. vellrob says:

    Boy I ever get a larger deal u the first one I’m sign’n. ha! ha! Knowledge! Keep it goin’

  13. datmanmoe08 says:

    hey m0 i just found out about these raps are great! lol

  14. Sagehearts says:

    tumbs up.

  15. AfghanAnt says:

    #dead at your SMM rapping.

  16. calstate says:

    Design Coding is a classic but everything m0serious puts out is hot.

  17. esalicante says:

    lolllll tumbs up!!!

  18. esalicante says:

    lolllll tumbs up!!!

  19. esalicante says:

    lolllll tumbs up!!!

  20. seopodcast says:

    Dude that is awesome. Can’t believe you had to bring up Wave.

  21. m0serious says:

    @darkforestzero yeah…most people do…hard to top that one

  22. darkforestzero says:

    I still like design coding the best 😀

  23. scar164 says:

    Haha, cool