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There is an obvious rift in the real estate population between the more traditional sales coach approach to generating business now and the new angle of cultivating relationships via the web. This was made as clear as it has been for me after watching Mike Ferry and Matthew Ferrara at the Coldwell Banker Generation Blue Conference have a “smackdown” debate about what method will generate real business or as many say(my least favorite word btw) deals.

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31 Responses to WILBUR WOODS – Marketing Impact 2.0 & Social Media!

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  2. albertodominguez1000 says:

    Wilbur es verdaderamente profesional, sinceramente me ayudo mucho, lo recomiendo a cualquiera que quiera pisar mas fuerte en Facebook, Youtube o Twitter! MUY PROFESIONAL!

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    This is one of the best videos I’ve seen!

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  25. slc695 says:

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  26. winmark2 says:

    Many of Mike Ferry students do 100 to 200 deals a year in a down market 2011. I hope most of the agents in my market fallow Matthew Ferrara. Think I am going to start posting great tech buys on local bloggs for local Realtors. You ask where I will be at in July. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. My lovely wife and I will be attending a Mike Ferry convention.

  27. RealEstateCrab says:

    Mike teaches agents how to create and run a real estate business. Matthew teaches agents how to use technology in that business. No one uses the internet and technology better than the Mike Ferry Organization so don’t fall for the argument many make that Mike does not understand selling in today’s world. Social media and technology are tools that can be used in the real estate business model Mike teaches. But not to the exclusion of personal contact.

  28. RossGligic says:

    Fact is, Ferrara method is great at identifying & generating LEADS, then stops flat. Ferry teaches the comprehensive PROCESS for systematically converting leads into appointments, powerful presentations, signed buyer/seller contracts, sales transactions, paycheques, and does it in the fasted most efficient way possible. And THAT’S why his system has endured 70 years. (he copied it from it’s founders in the 1940/50’s). Ferry is all business, which is all about MONEY! Otherwise, it’s a hobby.

  29. ibmiami says:

    Would be interesting to compare results from agents in either camp? Mike undoubtedly has a longer track record.

  30. myhomeonoahu says:

    please dont move the camera so much

  31. SDRELady says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Call me greedy, but I do both! They both work 🙂

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