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12 Responses to What’s Your Audience-Building Plan? – ?Independent Film DIY Marketing & Social Media?

  1. WeekendattheCabin1 says:

    Weekend at the Cabin Movie

    Please check out the Trailer for “Weekend at the Cabin” and Purchase your own copy or rent it today. Help support your Indie Artist. Tell a friend. Have a great day.

    Starring: Teresa Noreen

    Warning: Nudity & Violence

  2. Skylinerealities says:

    Vary interesting information I will definitely have a more in-depth look in reference to building a reputable audience, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  3. WendellMatthews says:

    I’ve been invited to a lot of things before. but, this is a first for you. Thanks!

  4. munden1971 says:

    Thanks for the good advice.

  5. Goggy021 says:

    [???r??][???e??][???a??][???l??][???l??][???y??] [???n??][???i??][???c??][???e??]:-))

  6. ZacharyTannar says:

    Hey, thanks for the friend invite. This is exactly what I’m beginning to do right now: building an audience. So this video came at a perfect time. 🙂 I’ve made a couple short films and would love it if people checked them out.

  7. hndsadventure says:

    this video is very helpfull.I need some tips about scriptwriting.


    Keep it coming, i need these videos.

  9. pkrska says:

    0:58 Hahahaha, sounded like you were flying by the seat of your pants at that point. Funny i would think that you would have scripted the video. Or at least do it in one take. Perfection is the name of the game.

  10. mrbunziii says:

    Thank you for the invite. Sorry for the late reply, I dont regularly check my inbox. I am currently working on my second short film called “LOYALTY”. This is a short film about a professor who studied Interoception a form of Neuro Linguistic Patterns and found a way to read a person’s mind…

  11. 83Batesphotography says:

    Thanks for the invite, thanks for the advice. Great video!

  12. sourcekings says:

    nice stuff my friend good content thanks for the add. something im working on now is a intro theme song for my channel to add to all my videos at the beginning