Part of 2010 Conference on Entrepreneurship You’ve set up a Facebook Fan page and Twitter accounts for your company. Now what? Our expert panelists will share best practices on how to harness Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media channels as a marketing tool. When used effectively, social media can help a company build its brand, engender customer loyalty, gather candid feedback to improve the product or service, reach new audiences, and ultimately increase awareness and sales.
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4 Responses to Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

  1. mattzinck says:

    Lol, Lane Becker looks like Scotty Lago

  2. alexcoro says:

    is Michael jealous of getsatisfaction or something?

  3. cashflowtips says:

    @MrFrankBullitt I agree. Just shut up Michael!

  4. MrFrankBullitt says:

    God, Michael Arrington is annoying.

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