We include the following in our services: 1. Overseeing various online communities from the all famous facebook to professional networks such as linkedin and everything in-between; 2. We possess direct experience; 3. Knowledge of online community management tactics; 4. Strong organisational skills; 5. Writing and editing skills; 6. The ultimate passion for online based communities; 7. We assist or completely manage the creation of content strategy for each client; 8. We initiate, respond and DEVELOP new content ideas, formats and strategies; 9. We brainstorm with your team on new and exciting campaigns. 10. We drive targeted traffic to your website 11. Increase brand exposure; 12. Grow your communities; 13. Create effective newsletter subscribing options to increase your client database; 14. Deliver useful information and offers to your email subscribers through newsletters; 15. Create landing pages to collect email addresses; 16. Track these emails to measure what works so we can do more of that and stop doing what is not working; 17. Distribute personalized messages across the top 25 media sites 24hour a day, 7 days a week; 18. We grow your targeted audience by a minimum of 25% per month!; 19. Mange your brand exposure; 20. Your brand will have increased visibility over the internet through hundreds of sites; 21. Content that goes out 24/7 increases exposure to international markets as well; 22. Any negative comments are immediately
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