The I Video “The I , A Life Path Illuminated” I Attitude allows anyone to reach their full potential and get vibrant abundance in ALL fields of their life just activating 4 basic vital skills (ability to guide oneself, ability to take action, ability to connect with oneself, ability to connect with others) through an incredibly simple understanding of THE ORIGIN OF THESE 4 SKILLS and in understanding the SYNERGETIC INTERACTION OF THESE 4 SKILLS. That is where the huge concept is. Christiane Lavanoux created The I Game and Mary White-Levilain produced The I Game, English Edition The Dance has begun. It is transforming humanity and the place where we live. Let’s dance across our 4 quadrants and across the 4 corners of the world. Each of us weaving the Masculine and Feminine threads of their inner whole story. The I Game, 4 Polarities/Quadrants, Mother, Father, Mom, Dad, Masculine, Feminine … A clear tool to create self and collective win-win solutions. Donald E Wells Jr Branded videos for personal and business promotion, outsourcedvideomarketing Video Artistry by outsourced video marketing Traffic Conversion, video marketing specialist, strategist, Tucson mentor unique video creation and marketing outsource Web 2.0 for women 45 55, Tucson outsource unique market video creation social media 45 -55, Tucson unique video creation and marketing outsource Web 2.0 for women 45 -55, Tucson outsource social media
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