2 is a refresh of the original video (www.socialnomics.com) with new and updated & mobile statistics that are hard to ignore. Based on the book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman.

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25 Responses to Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)

  1. thedac85 says:

    Love the videos! Keep it up! Just a Q: How can one make videos like this? Can someone recommend me software?

  2. 4444sanka says:

    I love these Socialnomics videos. Amazing work, as always, Erik!

  3. BarbChamberlain says:

    @ZillasElite I’m willing to bet your average web user doesn’t care about the difference. He’s shorthanding the stat that the #2 starting point for searches after google.com is youtube.com.

    If you’re creating content you want people to find you care about Google rankings; you should also produce and post video. It shows up here AND it shows up in Google results.

  4. LennyLC says:

    Amazing video, Internet is definitely the future, for all and everything !

    PS: Little mistake at the beginning , “Welcome” in French is “Bienvenue” with an “e” at the end !

  5. luckyxtrick says:

    watched this in our global citizenship class. amazing facts and statistics i’m sharing it.

  6. workathome01 says:

    Excellent Video

    Follow me on Twitter!

    Twitter dot com / netmillionaire 🙂

  7. dwaynekilbourne says:

    which factoid caught your attention the most?

  8. Rewster86 says:

    @shagster1970 All this technology is the reason the average person is dumb as dog shit.

  9. greenflyerscanada says:

    This is TRULY Green Age News WINNER !
    Love Anti Social Media !

  10. greenflyerscanada says:

    This is TRULY GreenAgeNews WINNER !
    Love Anti Social Media !

  11. iriszb says:


  12. FiestaNueva2011 says:

    Scary message if you’re not willing to embrace the message and if you sell something it’s deadly!

  13. teamshoganai says:

    @genebug77 yeah the problem is all teachers show it.. all the teachers think they found something awesome and they show it to us. while we allready saw it 3 times allready that same day !

  14. DrZarock117 says:

    @genebug77 im 16 years old, canadian, i speak french and we saw that in english class.

  15. ZillasElite says:

    wait a minute, youtube isn’t a search engine it just HAS a search engine.

    I mean that’s like saying the ps3 is a web browser.
    Or that google is an image finder.

    Simply because something is built into the system does not make it it’s core system.

  16. iseeland says:

    Most of the digital natives that these statistics are about have not even seen this video…just saying it’s a little dramatic. Also using fear as a motivator to “encourage” businesses to engage the online community is like telling a fat girl that dress shopping with prom queens is really fun. We should be teaching people how to engage not overwhelming them with anxiety about their (lack of) involvement.

  17. jarrodbcecil says:


  18. ferraoneves says:

    Respond to this video…

  19. StevenSMacDonald says:

    This is one of the must watch videos for any business owner that wants to use social media to promote their business.

  20. deeps2210 says:

    this video should be s howed for all new media students!

  21. permite2p says:


  22. cheezew1zz says:


    thank you for providing my with the best laugh i will undoubtedly have all day………&, for the record, i agree

  23. memefilms says:

    I think the people who made this have a very self serving business agenda. It indeed has distorted and false facts. The big picture seems correct and the planet will be changing in new ways because of all this communication technology.

    Plus side- Revolution by good people who are not included in their countries economic system.

    Negative side- World Web War I (WWWI) (pick any two countries who are at odds and just imagine how it might escalate)

    just some thoughts…

  24. heatherkatherine says:

    some of these facts are pretty questionable – just like everything else in the world of social media

  25. perelgut says:

    The reason I “dislike” this is nicely captured by the fake-fact at 3:17 into the video. 90% of people do *NOT* skip ads with TiVo or DVR because those two technologies don’t penetrate 90% of homes owning televisions. The correct phrasing might be that 90% of people with TiVo will skip xx% of ads but that’s not what the video claims.