Byron Gordon, SEO-PR, interviews Brad Kleinman, Director of Education, Connect, on the need for businesses to create a content and social media strategy. Brad says without content, it’s not possible for a business to have a social media strategy. Places to start include by using Twitter search, RSS feeds, Google alerts, tracking your customer’s blogs, developing how-to articles. Brad goes on to discuss the significance of Facebook and why businesses whose customers use application must have a presence on it as well. Businesses can develop their own pages targeted towards their specific audience. Brad concludes by talking about the significance of KPIs, or key performance indicators, which help businesses determine how effective their content and social media strategies are. Brad says most companies are just looking at the amount of traffic that comes to their site from their various social media marketing efforts. But Brad says businesses must also look at the different types of conversion metrics to help determine which of their social media marketing efforts (using apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) are bearing fruit. For more information about Marketing Connect, please visit: For more information on speaking opportunities at SES London, please visit
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3 Responses to Social media marketing tips and strategies when developing your content online at SES London 2011

  1. expatwifey says:

    Great video. It was clear, concise and informative. Thanks!

  2. striga001 says:

    very good, thank you!

  3. TheOfficialOCI3MEDIA says:

    I really enjoyed is listening. Good reminders. 🙂