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25 Responses to Social Media Marketing Strategy Explained – Inside The Mind Ep. 1

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  7. TripplebeamMedia says:

    Thanks for this video. I sub’d ya!?

  8. Deanna Shanti says:

    I like that you’ve moved out of the nursery! ? (I’m watching in chronological order…)

  9. Hana Bindrim says:

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  10. hot2makemoney says:

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  11. Tommy Walker says:

    Haven’t seen her? around…

  12. ryzeonline says:

    I agree, loved the DeStorm example, but that might be? because I love rap with a borderline fetish 😛

  13. ryzeonline says:

    Did? Michi ever respond to this? She’s been renovating her blog as far as I know….

  14. Tommy Walker says:

    Hey amie, there are a few new videos live, hadn’t seen you in the comments so? I thought I’d give you a heads up 🙂

  15. Tommy Walker says:

    @wayneharrel Loved going? through 1mm how’s it going with your business?

  16. Tommy Walker says:

    @MichiLantz Will do! Just curious, did you subscribe so you know when the new ones come? out?

  17. Michi Lantz says:

    Great, Tommy! Loved the DeStorm example. Informative, funny and? EASY TO UNDERSTAND!
    Keep ’em coming!

  18. Tommy Walker says:

    Of course you can show it in your business class! And tell them to come over to tommyisastrategist’s channel and have them subscribe too…? this is just the first of many videos to come (we just finished episode 4 and it is AWESOME!)

  19. silverkissme says:

    love this. subscribed. i wanna show? you in my business classes. with your permission, of course!

  20. amiefranke says:

    This is great. You give so much informative information. I cant wait to see? the other episodes. I cant wait to learn more from this…great job

  21. Tommy Walker says:

    Thanks a bunch! And yeah, we’ve got that fixed for future episodes? 😛

  22. Tommy Walker says:

    Thanks so much Skyler! Yeah the production quality of the videos only gets better from here on out. 🙂

    Question, only because you’re a youtuber… would you be? willing to leave a video response on this, as it will tell youtube and google that this is a video worth ranking higher 🙂

  23. gizomatic says:

    Love it! The high level of energy you bring shows your passion and keeps it lively. Great job on the graphics!? Can’t wait for the next one.

  24. Tommy Walker says:

    Oh cool! I logged into the members area and didn’t? see anything. Is it the group that’s on Facebook? I’d like to stop by and say thank you 🙂

  25. Vitoria Castro says:

    I’m also from the Video? Traffic Academy 🙂 James Wedmore posted your video so all of us could see a good example of how to offer goo content being engaging. You Rock!