Social Media Marketing for Healthcare & Tourism industry. RX for Online Marketing Success: How to Attract new Patients via Digital and Social Media Digital and Social media are powerful channels for research, connection and collaboration. While most marketers are still trying to figure out how to use Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook; others are capitalizing on it to build their brand and acquire patients/customers from across the globe. Dr Prem Jagyasi, renown healthcare marketing consultant, presented topic at World Tourism and Healthcare Association 2010 in Los Angeles, USA; to provide a prescriptive roadmap for Online Media Success while discussing best practices and answering the biggest questions faced by health care marketers in the field of Social Media Marketing. The presentation provide brief info about – Where do we start? – What’s Social Media? – What’s Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing? – Facts and Figures – Implementing Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing in Healthcare – Which online channels and social networks should we use? – Social Media Marketing Tools for Healthcare & Medical Tourism One of the most popular workshops of 2010 congress, Attendees learned the basics of digital and social media and receive a framework for developing their own social media strategy. Testimonials: I wanted to thank you for the very informative session on Social Media Marketing. Your expertise on the topic was

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  1. Gregmills007 says:

    CCSVI Clinic Receives Joint IRB Approval for Aftercare Protocol Study.

    The joint application between Noble Hospital and CCSVI Clinic has been approved through the IEC Institutional Review Board (IRB) that will allow researchers to use patient data to study their new extended and enhanced aftercare treatment protocol. Please Call 888-419-6855 to know more about participating in the study. Log on to ccsviclinic. ca for more information. Email apply -at- ccsviclinic. ca