Byron Gordon, SEO-PR, interviews Shawn Ryan, Breeze , exhibitor at SES New York, 2011. Breeze is a media tool built specifically for small and midsized businesses. With Breeze Social, SMB’s have the ability to post to social media, see what’s being said to and about them, engage their customers, and measure their results. They can become social media savvy without having to become social media industry insiders. Breeze Social gives you a score on how you, as a company, are managing your reputation using data from such social media triggers as Twitter and blogs. To learn more about Breeze Social, please visit: If you want to exhibit at SES New York, please visit
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More and more people are using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to talk about companies and products with their friends and colleagues. Learn what drives people to share information and opinions online and learn scientifically proven best practices for spreading your content virally through social media. You’ll have plenty of time for Q&A with Dan Zarrella, social media and viral scientist and author of “The Social Media Marketing Book.”
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