See how a burrito started a phenomenon.

Tracy Falke, Head of Strategy at Powershift Group | Banta, interviews Massimo Burgio, Founder & Chief Strategist, Global Search Interactive on the Facebook marketing strategies and tactics you should avoid, or pay the price by having your Facebook account revoked or terminated. But Massimo says if you are on a low-budget, Facebook is still the greatest platform for a marketer, superior even to Google ads. Massimo says with Facebook you can deploy a very effective engaging communication plan. The key lesson with marketing is engaging your audience and targeted customers. In order for businesses to sell effectively on Facebook, Massimo says businesses should build their own individual applications that are targeted to what their users need and deliver it. As soon as the user engages with the application, they will immediately grant you access to all of their data. Content remains king, according to Massimo. Tracy concludes with an example citing Fedex and when it launched a branded app on Facebook, exploiting an opportunity for its customer base within the Facebook platform, and got tons of branding. To learn more about speaking at SES London, please visit:

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25 Responses to Social Media Marketing Done Right At Boloco Burrito

  1. foster2367 says:

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    No way out man Asian women

  3. VirtualAssistantv says:

    delicious burito turned into a King because of social media, very nice presentation of ideas…

  4. gariouscom says:

    this video is as tasteful as Burrito! thanks for the info!

  5. ThaHotCoolDude says:

    Hey great video, and nice to meet you also

  6. SmartNetMedia says:

    This is a very informative video. Mobile?? marketing is truly coming of age. As smartphones and apps become better, the possibilities are endless. I currently us Apple devices and am anticipating the Android adddtion of Honeycomb. Who knows wher this will take us.

  7. kjz515 says:

    OK so now wheres my burrito?

  8. Isaac27 says:

    I saw “Taco Tuesday” and thought this might be talking about new Opus Moreschi videos. I was wrong..

  9. ChereraTaguato says:

    thats cute, but if you want to eat a REAL burrito go to south america..maybe someone will tweit about that..

  10. inkincpr says:

    This is a very well made video and explains the concept of social media in a nut shell.

  11. greenliondigital says:

    This is a very intelligently made video! Anybody can understand the meaning of social media now. Thanks!

  12. HennaSooq says:

    Great commercial! Love it

  13. MrRhysSir says:

    @gotlogg i’ve worked with a company called CNS (construction navigation services), they’re quite big, in the millions (£) in profit a year. i’ve also worked with smaller successful company’s like ‘TwoPlusTwo commercial solutions’ which we’re talking around £250,000 a year (profit not revenue). and yourself?

  14. gotlogg says:

    you must be a graphic designer or something. You guys all think one tracked… I’ve seen amazing logos on shit companies that never get off the ground. Then you have Constant Contact, doing business with hundreds of thousands of clients. Looks like that logo and name are suiting them just fine. How many brands have you worked with that do that much business?

  15. zackhankins says:

    dude boloco is so sick, i actually made a song and video for them with some friends to express my feeling for their food, the boloco song, check it out

  16. TeeFlick says:

    you can do all this without the middle man (constantcontact) so.. your wasting your money by having your video on youtubes home page.

  17. TeeFlick says:

    @MrRhysSir bad name too

  18. TeeFlick says:

    @lola16rules lol maybe in the future, but not at the moment

  19. lola16rules says:

    who would sign up for an email newsletter about food from a particular restaurant?

  20. DjEphixa says:

    No one cares about those types of links on facebook. This is false advertising.

  21. URLPirates says:

    @EndGoalMarketing it is a training video for fans of the company.. nothing really original in the concept. I would never share what I consume in social media.. I think being a friend means not selling them.. who cares what someone is eating.. the very notion of being a follower turns me off.. The very notion of letting businesses email me annoys me.. my word is worth something.. you want me to promote your product pay me, otherwise leave me alone..

  22. SpeedyReedyTV says:

    Boloco is amazing, to be fair.

  23. MrRhysSir says:

    love the business idea, but your logo is terrible the colours make me yawn, typical microsoft template colours.

  24. EndGoalMarketing says:

    Great explanation of the power of social media! I would love burrito now 🙂

  25. spoonheadjam says:

    Anybody else actually really want a burrito now?

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