Green Industry Speaker, Video Blogger, Internet Marketer, and Consultant Jeff Korhan explains how Media Marketing is a reflection of how how college football is successfully played today, specifically, the “no huddle” offense. Successful marketing today means giving your customer what they want and not worrying about the competition. They want action! You don’t need a huddle if you have clear strategic plans and the courage to take action. Media Marketing does the rest. ******* Follow Jeff on Twitter at and join the discussion to also help to save the planet that connects us. ******* You can sign up for regular video blog tips like this at Jeff blogs at http ******* Tohire Jeff to speak to your organization, please contact him at 630-774-8350. ******* Jeff Korhan is a Professional Speaker, Green Industry Expert, Video Blogger, Internet Marketer and Consultant who works with business owners and leaders that want to grow their business and have a life too. His True Nature Process™ is a comprehensive approach for growing a sustainable business and having a life too. ****** Jeffs contracting business in suburban Chicago was twice named Business of the Year. He is a former Fortune 50 Sales and Marketing Manager with an MBA, and an unconventional thinker whose other experiences include triathlons, cliff diving, and meditating in the deserts of India. He is a past board member of numerous associations and is currently a What do successful entrepreneurs have in common? What is the Entrepreneur API and how will this database help funders, media, entrepreneurs & others find vetted social entrepreneurs? Jill Finlayson, Web Marketing Manager at Skoll Foundation, shares insights to these questions and more, as well as what to look forward to at her panel “Make the Maps. Mind the Gaps. Build the Apps.” at the upcoming Social Capital Markets (SOCAP09) conference in San Francisco, September 1 – 3. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe, comment, and rate this vid. http http
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2 Responses to Social Media Marketing & College Football – No Huddle Wins the Game

  1. jeffkorhan says:

    Thanks for the kind words on the video. Gators proved themselves in the end, and it looks certain there will indeed be another double Heisman winner next year.

  2. GatorAdrian09 says:

    Nice tips. I like the analogy, but you should have used the Gators instead. We all know who really should have won the Heisman…