– Social is the title of the MOST In Demand Job currently! A friend of mine is raking in k per month on part time! The average Social Manager has risen from over k to approx. k! If you are already updating content on many social sites, managing your reputation, and getting the word out about things you’re passionate about then you have almost 90% of the skills needed for a Social Media Marketing Manager position from all sizes of businesses! They Have the advertising budget to spend!
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Social marketing is not new. Think of the Tupperware parties of the 50s. But social media, the technology that has truly enabled local to go global, is new. And you’re too late: it’s already been claimed by the crowd — meaning that marketers have at least one clear challenge: participate, don’t dictate. Online, people talk to people, not to brands. Includes: Alex Hunter, Independent Brand Consultant Ian Chapman Banks, General Manager, Dell Julian Persaud, Managing Director, Google Ji Hee Nam, VP Digital Media, MTV Paul Soon, Regional Director, XM/JWT
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    great video. very insightful!