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27 Responses to Social Media is Core to Dell’s Marketing Strategy!

  1. IMProductsReviewed1 says:

    Hey #UN#,

    This was a pretty cool vid.

  2. MrBigPoppa43 says:

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  3. internettopmentor says:

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  4. daw126 says:

    Bottom Line: If you want to have a working computer for longer? then 6 months and you
    want to have good customer/technical support


  5. bizopclothing says:

    It all comes down to the marketing strategy.

  6. mariopaladini says:

    Good Initiatives shared by Andy Larks. Hopefully more companies will quickly follow the DellĀ“s experience.

  7. TheWealthyPromoter says:

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  8. WilmerDow says:

    Nice try. Keep it up check out esteembpo + com for social media marketing. gfh

  9. steventuck says:

    A short and informative lesson in social media marketing.

    He really nails it at the end talking about crowdsourcing the content for the new ad campaign. “Rather than paying some agency to draw pretty pictures and take photos we’re using the content that our community has created with us…”.

  10. pngreene says:

    Didn’t I see you on Flight of the Conchords? -Patrick

  11. maritaroebkes says:

    What a great interview. I like Andy Larks mercilessly honest view of open business and how Dell embraces the customers. This gives hope for all consumer that more companies will leave their Eketahuna. Cheers and goodbye annoying cold calls and spam mails from sales.

  12. faheeta says:


  13. SereneInvestor says:

    Gabe would love to know what software you used to do the video, like the ability to move video, point, magnify etc…thanks

  14. ericabrooks says:

    Awesome tips. A clear call to action is very important.

  15. thedigitalfoxdotcom says:

    Gabe This was really helpful …

  16. rechargelife says:

    Great stuff Gabe don’t leave the cat out of the bag ! you will have more work than you can handle we don’t wont you burnt out setting up 1000s of you tube videos for others we needed you in the social media since

  17. TVmarvelo says:

    Great tips. Sound advice.

  18. jmwheels says:

    Awesome value! Great tips. What software do you use to make your videos? Is it available on PC or only Mac?

  19. GabeOnTV says:


  20. nellypaekukui says:

    Excellent video, Gabe!

  21. nellypaekukui says:

    Excellent video, Gabe! Thanks!

  22. mikanui says:

    Gabe, I can’t tell you how awesome this was when it first came out, and I still like seeing this to keep it fresh in mind. Awesome job bro!

  23. cashflowchampion says:

    Gabe, your training rocks! I am looking forward to more video tutorials. Keep up the good work!

  24. CoachGP says:

    Hey Gabe, I really enjoyed your video. The only possible downside was that compared to the others I was enjoying, your sound was pretty soft and I couldn’t turn anything up any louder. I don’t know if you can record louder, but that would be nice to catch all your great content, which you deliver with true charm!
    Great job!

  25. cshanes says:

    And you’ve got this video on the front page too!

  26. GabeOnTV says:


  27. BeDoHaveTV says:

    Very solid video Gabe. Spot on way to get traffic on YouTube. I look forward to putting some of these things in play.