Businesses no longer have a choice: if they are not using , they are missing out on the conversation that people are having about their products & services. Now is the time to join The Digital Revolution! Businesses of all sizes, especially small businesses, need to take advantage of this inexpensive and influential medium. Media is an extremely effective way to engage with your target audience and build your brand online. Media can also help businesses manage and monitor the reputation and good name they have worked so hard to build. Whether your goal as a business is brand awareness, reputation management, customer engagement or generating new leads, Social Media is the place to be. businesses often struggle with the relevance of social media and how it will affect their goals. We hear all the time “which channels are best for my business?” and “how do I manage my social media accounts?” Don’t get left behind, learn how Davanti Digital Media can help grow your business at . Let’s face it. The world has evolved. Today, everything is on the internet, and that goes for marketing and advertising as well. Gone are the days of picking up the phonebook to find a business or service. Social Media and Online Marketing are the wave of the future. If you don’t adapt today, you will get left in the dust. Davanti Digital Media is a full-service Online and Digital Marketing Agency. We don’t think that only the biggest and

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13 Responses to Social Media For All: How Social Media Changed Small Business Marketing

  1. gariouscom says:

    @gariouscom yes, i just subscribed to your channel, you may also visit and subscribe to mine. Great stuff and vids on social media were also available there.

  2. DavantiDigitalMedia says:

    @gariouscom Glad you liked it. If you haven’t already, subscribe to our channel. We will be premiering a new video on mobile marketing at the beginning of May. We also plan on starting a weekly posting of how-to videos and tips on social media, mobile, SEO, web design and more. Stay tuned!

  3. gariouscom says:

    its a paradigm shift, from the old styles of marketing to Social Media Marketing. Thanks for posting!

  4. VirtualAssistantInc says:

    There’s a research that if you’re business is not using social media, your business will shrink and will be outgrown by competitors who uses social media wisely.

  5. jaylaine74 says:

    cool video’s…

  6. anxietyawaynow says:

    i like your channel. nice videos

  7. rosemcgrory says:

    Thanks for this – we’re trying to get the message across to smaller businesses in the UK, and this sums up why they should get involved perfectly!

  8. jtlesh says:

    WOW! This video is amazing. The animation and production value are phenomenal. Stats are awesome. After watching this I am very interested in exploring social media as an alternative to traditional marketing. Social Media seems like it could be HUGE for small businesses. Great Job Davanti Digital Media!

  9. TheSocialSamantha says:

    This video is great, it reaffirms my belief that social media is a great option for small businesses. Small businesses need to stop relying solely on expensive forms of traditional media with small returns on investment and need to start engaging with people on the internet.

  10. hc0202 says:

    Well-done! Thanks for sharing. ::)

  11. amfloyd1 says:

    Justin and team: Awesome video. Great message bringing home the reality of today’s marketing environment.

  12. skhiggins5 says:

    Fantastic video to help naysayers understand how social media can grow their business. Impressive stats – wow, social media really works for small business!

  13. SocialBill26 says:

    This video Truly speaks to the small business owner looking to get involved with Social Media Marketing.