VICTORIA – Social is being hosted by nearly 900 companies and 13000 direct employees within Great Victoria’s technology sector. Most visitors to our region are not aware that technology is our largest revenue producing private industry at billion in annual revenues. Tech is so big here that Viatech now promotes our city as Tectoria to help our more than three million annual visitors discover that not only is this a beautiful place with outstanding quality of life but it is also brimming with opportunities for them to find a career or to invest. Local businesses are also set to take in more than 40 seminars covering topics such as how to set up utilize facebook and twitter for direct marketing opportunities. A Toronto based company called Ortsbo is also demoing some never before seen technology. Their twitter and email applications connect social media users globally by eliminating the language barrier. Their twitter app can convert tweets in more than fifty languages, allowing for seamless communication. Social Media will provide extensive opportunities and expand knowledge and insight surrounding all aspects of social media relating to business. Follow Erin Glazier on Twitter:

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