SMS software platform with statistics, best practices, and case studies for mobile with short codes.…
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20 Responses to SMS Marketing | SUMOTEXT

  1. Whatgregoryknows says:

    Great video thank you so much. It was so clear? and easy to understand even I could get how important text marketing can be 🙂

  2. David Leavee says:

    This is going to make customer retention and gaining repeat customers much easier as you can be in contact with your past customers within? seconds, brilliant.

  3. Swordfishkate says:

    Cool, I’ve been looking for a way to boost the marketing and advertising for my business on a small? budget, this looks like the right thing for me.

  4. Laura Willcock says:

    This is going to totally revolutionize the marketing of your business? from now on, thanks for this.

  5. HmmWildCherry says:

    Excellent video! Very information. I would attest that SMS marketing certainly works in practice. If you? put in the effort, you get the results! And this platform makes everything as simple as possible.

  6. Stevensmith4222 says:

    Nice video.? Just goes to show the power of mobile marketing.

  7. jackjohnson123a says:

    This is amazing for marketing. Do you? have limitations on which countries I can operate in? or is this a global service?

  8. Misstaylorinnewyork says:

    Loved the? video. Kept my attention while being informative and amusing. Keep up the good work guys.

  9. MaxSRGames says:

    This could be exactly what I was looking for to take my business and marketing to the? next level, thank you for bringing this to us.

  10. fullflavourhumour says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us, I never even knew this type of marketing existed until now. I’m going to be looking into it from now? on starting with your site.

  11. MissTabbyKitty says:

    I checked out your site and it looks first class. Easy to navigate and find exactly what I needed, good? job. I loved this video too, really well made and clear.

  12. ScreenResolutions says:

    This kind of? marketing is the way of the future, its so easy to reach hundreds of customers in minutes. I’m definitely going to be checking your company out. Thanks.

  13. Alexander66421 says:

    This was? a great video, surprisingly funny in places and gets its point across very well.

  14. MissJessicaSwain says:

    This was a fantastic video, it laid everything out in a really clear and easy to understand way? even if your not very clued up on technology (which I’m not)

  15. Cindy Martini says:

    Very? classy and informative!

  16. TheFelos360 says:

    Hey Sumotext, I agree with the comment below, a great job explaining SMS Marketing + Text Message Marketing.
    Do you have sales reps in the Detroit area? I have grown a sizable local business based around text messages? and I was wondering about other platforms I can use to expand my business and or represent for a commission, any suggestions?j

  17. MoTextMarketing says:

    Great demonstration of how easy/cost-effective it is to implement a text marketing campaign, and how effective they are to generate traffic and boost? sales!

  18. DJMARCOro says:

    Great ! Love SMS? !

  19. nimbus1949 says:

    Great explanation!? Very cool…..

  20. mycellmedia says: