Derek Johnson, CEO of SMS company explain how to successfully start your own SMS campaign. In the video, Derek will explain what is SMS…
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20 Responses to SMS Marketing for Business

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  3. lanceice lanceright says:

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  4. eggaroso says:

    im on the same boat ,, how is? it going ?

  5. GreenwayMultimedia says:

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  6. GreenwayMultimedia says:

    If you own or manage a business you really need to follow the #1? Internet Marketing Company? @GREENWAYMEDIA on Twitter!!!

  7. Ivor Fernandes says:

  8. Ivor Fernandes says:

    Hi Derek, I found your presentation informative.? I am launching my sms business shortly. Look at what I built. I want to build mobile sites and apps for my clients as well as sms.

  9. Karl Marshall says:

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  10. rgnair1974 says:

    in? india , missed call is being used for opt in and various other mobile marketing initiatives . is there any similar trends across united states.would be great to compare notes and understand evolution of this method of m marketing communication

  11. ProductLaunchResults says:

    SMS Marketing or? mobile marketing provides opportunity for business to take advantage on the popularity of mobile phones and some applications to promote their business directly to potential clients and to their target customers.

  12. The Six Sided Box by AJ Richards says:

    GREAT video and information!!! I send Derek a text message for help, he replied quickly with? the information I needed!! Great customer service~

  13. hasan atik says:

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  14. Sabbir Hossain says:

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  15. Dave Scull says:

    Absolutely the best content on SMS ,? very impressed glad I found you!!

  16. TheSocialFuse says:

    Great video! Text marketing can be a powerful? tool if used properly. We have had increased success by offering non-sales messages in addition to the marketing message.

  17. Darren Belizaire says:

    Great presentation, clear a comprehensible, I loved it. Thank you? for the help

  18. iMobileMedia says:

    You can use email to get your message out, but if you want it to be read immediately? and with a much higher read rate (97%) SMS is a much better option. Nice informative presentation!

  19. weekofhorror says:

    blasting out messages to a vast amount of people. Can’t you do that with email? ?


    hey tell? me the music