In this interview, videologist Crowell discusses the pros and cons of hosting your on YouTube vs. third-party sites. The goal of SEO, he says is to get your video to show up on Google’s universal search to bring quality traffic while maintaining control. Videos do get good exposure in YouTobe’s popular search engine. But if the video is on YouTube, the people who view it there may not come to your website. An online video platform is a third-party company that manages your video content. An example might be They handle hosting as well as transcoding, which is converting your video to formats suitable for the web, as well as for mobile devices. With the Google Video Sitemap, you can now videos with one of these third-party platforms, but have Google point people to view it on your own site. This brings better quality traffic as well as allowing control over the image thumbnails and what the viewer does after the video is completed. Grant Crowell is a videologist with ReelSEO, The Online Video Marketer’s Guide covering the business and technology of online video. They provide news, research, analysis, tips and trends for the online video and Internet marketing industries. This interview was recorded at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago, October 2010.
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This is a very hard concept for many Technology-Savvy agents to truly grasp; (link to blog: — Internet Marketing and SEO live within the intersection of Marketing and Tools, but are NOT layered on top of each other. Technology is but the glue to all these layers — Not the heart beat of Marketing Success. You can use a piece of paper and pencil and create the Best Marketing — the computer makes the delivery easy; you can even use your iPhone to write a novel — but it is the ideas that matter not how many thumbs you ended up using to produce it. Internet Marketing is NOT about Technology! Let me explain with examples: HootSuite and Engage121. (many other technology tools are available; I am only using these two illustrate a point.) Before I go on I must share that I love both tools and find them quite useful, and I do recommend them. 1. The tools offer those who wish to view their Social Network and Influence great insights; you can view all the noise you are creating with your followers and friends. So, if you are a Brand Manager, this is critical to reaching your agents, brokers, and their network of followers. 2. I say that Real Estate Agents are Not Brand Managers — they are Local Marketing Experts who go about getting more Listings and more Sales. Yes, Yes, there is this noise that says that Real Estate Agents are the Brand and ought to manage it like a National Brand — I disagree; that statement maybe true for one thousandth of percent of agents who work

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