www.jskehanpro.com – Social & Optimization with the Power of Video Hopefully you’ve made the wise choice to add the personal touch of video as an asset to your website and your business, making it possible to convert more of your visitors into loyal, paying customers. Now is the opportunity to use your video, not only as a conversion tool, but in combination with other revolutionary Internet marketing techniques to give your company ‘world of mouth’ and drive traffic to your website. Its clear that more and more people receive their information through digital , Internet, iPhone’s etc. In addition to visiting your website, many customers do research on multiple websites to get reviews of your business from multiple sources. Why not have a bit more control over those sources and that type of information. While our special video placement, tagging, keywording, page linking and blogging techniques are not a one-all-be-all marketing solution, we believe it’s an indispensible tool to secure and protect your space on the world wide web. The combination of services, in essence, will serve and an indefinite booster shot to your web presence. What’s even better is that we don’t charge any monthly fees or require any long term commitments. Just an affordable one time charge. Please contact us for a free analysis and presentation with proof of how this will work for your business. We can even build a custom solution to fit your budget. We look forward to
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