The latest Search Engine Marketing News is that Steve is taking time off from for medical reasons again. The first time, he came back with a new operating system, the second time it was the ipad, I canĀ¹t wait to see what he come back with this time. Seriously though it’s sad to hear that Steve is to take time off from the helm of yet again. Stock markets reactions have been mixed the share price has dropped off 2.3% yet 95% of wall streets analysts are still recommending as a strong buy or buy. I am sure that he will be back, I had the privilege of giving him a design award in Britain for the ipod and despite taking time off, he looks as good today as he did then. There are some people who by pursing their own unique passions for excellence and devotion to understanding and caring about people have become our leaders and our sources of inspiration. Steve Jobs is one of those. If you would like more news like this please go ahead now and subscribe and I will make sure that you get the next update. Another leader worth watching is Jeff Walker and just yesterday I was with Jeff when he filmed a short interview over there. I am told it will be released in a few short weeks. I am so excited. I am David White from Weboptimiser, in Phoenix Arizona, thanks for watching. For more Internet News please subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Ifyou would like to get the latest on how to combine Search, Social Media and Video to get a 40% boost to your next film

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    it’s probably going to help them out. they’ll probably have someone new come in and bring them a lot of clients.

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    This totally true and affects almost everyone. If something happens, Apple is done! Steve Jobs is apple. it is his child. But he did fulfill his own personal goal of creating the hottest gadgets

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