This video is a demonstration of the add-on for Sage CRM built by Enbu Consulting, Dublin, Ireland; The CRM Manager takes CRM to the next level with full intrinsic integration with all the well established online media communities. SAS’ Deb Orton interviews SAS Social Media Manager Dave Thomas. Dave discusses the history of social media at SAS, social media guideline development, the importance in involving human resources and legal in the process, the steps that companies should follow before jumping into social media, ownership of social media and more. Learn more on the SAS Customer Intelligence blog “Get, Grow, Keep” at
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One Response to Sage CRM Social Media Manager

  1. newmarketingera says:

    This video is very inspiring! Social media managers are needed! Small businesses know that they should get the word out, but mostly, they do NOT know how to get leads using Social media.. small business owners are then lucky to find social media managers!!