This is a podcast interview between Rishi Chandra Product Manager for Enterprise and Lon Safko coauthor of The Social talking about social , social networks, gMail, Google Reader, other Google products, and Google. – What I’m about to show you will completely change the way you think about Social and how you can use it to earn an income. So, kick back and enjoy this first video in a free series that my team and I put together here at the Digital CafĂ© Studios. I promise it’ll all make complete sense by the time we’re done. Oh, and you’ll notice that we decided to keep these videos short, easy to understand, and entertaining.
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21 Responses to Rishi Chandra Product Manager For Google Enterprise & Lon Safko The Social Media Bible Interview

  1. dnachum says:

    My name is David Nachum. I am an Associate Product Manager (APM) at Google, in Mountain View, California.

  2. VirtualAssistantInc says:

    “Do you know someone who can manage my social media and video marketing and do it for me?” Virtual assistant does.

  3. NYCornerstone says:

    Real nice. I can’t wait to see the next video.

  4. bz9s says:

    Clear, concise and invigorating video.

  5. sandraparkes says:

    Very clear and pointed video that has some great information, Thanks

  6. DebbieArambula says:

    Great Video Excited to see the rest!

  7. masrendimiento says:

    Brilliant Mike!



  8. adamsall says:

    I’m excited about this! Just got my inbound marketing certification, so ready to get rolling!

  9. ThreePercentBusiness says:

    Great Content!! This opens the door to fight the battle for new business in an area that almost no one is going after. It is easier to convert a customer who has not been overwhelmed with “ideas” rather than solutions!!!

  10. Laluchayan says:

    like to see this in action

  11. NZSBS says:

    Good stuff!

  12. AprilClineVideo says:

    Thanks for no more MLM garbage and giving us the FACTS!

  13. targetcomm says:

    great video!

  14. johnjfink1 says:

    Wow! your video made my day! I am a 70 year old Stage IV cancer survivor. This looks like something I can do. I need to get active, stimulate my gray matter and supplement my meager Social Security. If I can do this by helping business owners be more successful, well that’s icing on the cake. I look forward to the next video.

  15. JLCinternetMarketing says:


  16. SMMMachines says:

    Thanks all for the kind words. We are thrilled with this.

  17. longbow727 says:

    Excellent !

  18. hobaggageclaim says:


  19. StanleyRozewski says:

    An outstanding explanation!! Now I understand better how existing small businesses think, and how much they know about Social Media. Your message is consistent with the belief that it takes 5-7 “touches” before people will buy from you, because they trust you, and SM will be that vehicle to get those messages through to them, so they can become and remain a loyal customer. Thanks for the insight, into the minds of prospective clients and customers. More to say, not enough space.

  20. Matalic1 says:

    awsome !!

  21. Kamleshcan says:

    Way to go. Thanks…

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