Manager Thank you for viewing my video cv. Please scroll down for information on opportunities I have a particular interest in. As promised in the video, here are links to my and other relevant information. * My : * Linkedin: * Career Highlights: * Follow me on Twitter: @jimstroud I am interested in positions that involve, but are NOT LIMITED to, the following duties: CONTENT DEVELOPMENT—develop content strategy and its components to create a vibrant, engaging and authoritative online presence: + Create a destination site and manage the quality of its upkeep. Blog management. + Produce story-rich and evocative web-optimized copy (including internal/client documents); video series; articles; comics; podcast series; user-generated content; — copy and schedule. + Monitor, moderate and manage online community efforts. As an advocate, ensure vibrant, engaging, responsive, and positive user experiences. + Travel to promote and support events (conferences/meetups) with video interviews and commentary from consumers and influencers. ONLINE MARKETING —optimize online marketing to increase brand awareness and drive new customer acquisition: Site optimization (a) Onsite: home page, landing pages, browse results pages, key words; nav path (engage and move the prospect along), calls to action. (b) Offsite: link building, bookmarks, directories, review sites; PPC. Publish and market the content (a) Campaign
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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8 Responses to Resume of a Social Media Manager

  1. gthopkins says:

    Good luck to you. I am also between jobs.

  2. jimstroud says:

    @gthopkins Thanks for asking. Its a work in progress. 😉

  3. gthopkins says:

    So, who can tell me, did Jim get hired?

  4. thewisemansay says:

    I have long since decided to send round every one of Jim’s video’s – they are unfailingly good – engaging, funny & informative. Social Media Manager sounds about right – put him to work!

  5. jemjay says:

    Jim has great character, passion and produces great results. Hire him before he is gone.

  6. ronnieb2b says:

    Jim is one of the most creative minds in the business, great personality, great work ethic , genuine person, if your seeking to hire a Social Media Manager, Jim is your person!

  7. murraymillion says:

    Jim-great to see your smiling face. I think this is a great idea, tried this about four years ago but it never took root. I think it was the industry I was recruiting in at the time, not You-tube itself. Good Luck!

  8. jdh358 says:

    You have operators? I hope that’s on your resume, because most people don’t have operators. 🙂