helps your local business optimize your Web Presence to get discovered more places online. Our powerful combination of technology and expert service manages your entire Web Presence — so you can focus on running your business. A dedicated Web Presence Professional consults with you to develop and execute a Web Presence strategy that delivers social media marketing, reputation management, and organic discovery results. With ReachCast, your Web Presence Professional will set up online directories like Google Places and Yelp, social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook, and a custom Cast page that serves as your hub for content and conversation online. Your Web Presence Professional will create and publish unique content like tips, offers, updates, photos, and videos to promote your business across the social web. In addition, they monitor the web for mentions, comments, and of your business so they can engage and respond when customers are talking about you online. Plus, with ReachCast, your Web Presence Professional will use our proprietary, built-in tracking and reporting to analyze your business footprint online and work with you to develop ongoing content and engagement strategies. To power organic engine optimization, a fresh stream of custom content will help engines and consumers discover your business online. This content also helps power your social media marketing. And, by monitoring responses to this content and
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12 Responses to ReachLocal Presents ReachCast: Manage Your Web Presence with Search, Social Media & Reviews

  1. msradioman says:

    Good video for what seems like a good service. It does appear that most people could do this on their own, if they took time to learn how. But where you benefit businesses, I’m sure, is in doing what business owners don’t or won’t do or make time for.

  2. Jimania says:

    Make certain that you own all content created, and that it is posted on social media sites or blogs that YOU own. Hire an internet marketing company that will gladly direct you to services or options where it helps your business – even if they are not making money on the service. Take time to interview and qualify full service internet marketing companies that offer customized solutions.

  3. RepManagement says:

    Interesting video, your reputation management system sounds interesting, I’d like to like to learn more.

  4. arshimbo says:

    I am certain that I wouldn’t want to hire ANYONE who doesn’t know the difference between ‘hire’ and ‘higher.’ I am assuming the gentleman was ‘higher’ when he wrote that post…

  5. tupesilla says:

    Mr. Jerry Morgan. I just did a search for “Men’s haircut, Frisco TX” and the Gent’s Place was ranked, organically, in the following positions on page 1; #1, #2, and #3. Next, I did a search using keywords I would use. “Hair salon for men, frisco, tx” and while it wasn’t as stellar, it was good. Gent’s Place was #1 (map), and two other spots on page one, at the bottom. Engines change algorithms a lot, SEO just can’t keep up.

  6. slacyryan says:

    @MrJerrymorgan sounds like you must work for a SEO company. Unfortunately SEO on your website is not enough to get organic ranking anymore. Google is looking at Social Media, Reviews, blogs, fresh content, and more. If you don’t understand that then you will do your client’s a disservice. It is important to implement a strategy that covers not just SEO but your entire web presence.

  7. jesslatini says:

    Organic placement via content marketing!

  8. MrJerrymorgan says:

    This Video steer people completely wrong. first Just do the search your self “men’s haircut frisco, tx GETS 0 SEARCHES! How could this POSSIBLY be one of their “top”keywords. Do yourself a favor and just higher an seo company anyone of them will be able to beat this product. at a much better price

  9. jpdyer622 says:


  10. petersonrw says:

    Well done, ReachLocal!

  11. SladeWeston says:

    Excellent video for an excellent product.

  12. mdmyers777 says:

    Great introduction to ReachLocal’s ReachCast program. Simple and easy to understand. Tons of value for small businesses who want to be certain their online reputation is being managed, their facebook and twitter accounts are updated and monitored frequently, and professional quality content like articles and posts are being sent out every week.