If you follow , quite possibly the biggest and most well-respected source for interactive marketing news and information, then you may have already heard the big news! The ReachCastâ„¢ team has put in a ton of hard work over the past months, so to win the Best Social Media Service for is a tremendous achievement. Here we have ReachLocal CTO Jeff Hagins and SVP & GM of ReachCast Alex Hawkinson who were at the event to accept the .
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2 Responses to ReachCast Receives the Mashable Award for Best Social Media Service for Small Business

  1. JumpStartJim says:

    Congratulations on being voted Best Social Media Service for Small Business. I’m looking forward to learning more about your company. Social Media, SEO and Internet Marketing for Small Business is one of my favorite seminars to teach.

  2. MissPresenting says:

    This is AWESOME ReachLocal, congrats!!

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