opened it’s doors in Tempe, Arizona in 1998 with the mission of offering competitive real estate financing with unmatched service. This straightforward approach has given a solid reputation in the industry earning them a consistent spot in the Top 20 Bankers in Arizona and paved the way for us to expand Nationally. With competitive financing in mind, Peoples has established unique lending relationships with several investors in the secondary market to maximize program versatility, while maintaining the benefits of direct lending pricing. Each Mortgage Specialist has access to live rate updates and program options which allow them the pricing flexibility to suit each clients needs. With Arizona branches in Tempe, Scottsdale, Kierland, Tucson, Sedona, Phoenix and a branch in Salt Lake City, Utah… Peoples Mortgage employs over 100 loan officers. In addition, Peoples has established in-house processing, underwriting, and closing in order to maintain an unprecedented service for it’s clients. Your answers are literally down the hall.
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This is the Official Online (Youtube) Release of “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” by Peter Joseph. [30 subtitles ADDED!] On Jan. 15th, 2011, “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” was released theatrically to sold out crowds in 60 countries; 31 languages; 295 cities and 341 Venues. It has been noted as the largest non-profit independent film release in history. This is a non-commercial work and is available online for free viewing and no restrictions apply to uploading/download/posting/linking – as long as no money is exchanged. A Free DVD Torrent of the full 2 hr and 42 min film in 30 languages is also made available through the main website [below], with instructions on how one can download and burn the movie to DVD themselves. His other films are also freely available in this format. Website: http Release Map: DVD: Movement:
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25 Responses to Peoples Mortgage Company

  1. oofay789 says:

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.”
    –Edward Bernays, American publicist, sometimes called “the father of public relations”.

  2. TheAfterPain says:

    if you look at what is happening in & around oil sand projects in northern alberta you will know how corrupted this system is. so much damage is being done everyday to people and environment.yet no tv or radio station is handling the destruction steadfastly.they show once in a blue moon on tv about it and it disappears quickly from news . i didnt see any politician doing any real political action against it. this is one good example how this system profit no action.

  3. oofay789 says:

    It’s a total bummer
    money really does control every aspect of every little thing
    from hard and soft toilet paper…..wait….why even make a not-so-soft toilet paper?
    that just sounds stupid…why in society am I forced to make a choice of what kind of TP I buy
    If money wasn’t a issue we would only make soft toilet paper…..In fact we wouldn’t even call it that it would just be called toilet paper.

  4. Victorlustig says:

    Progress is not only the realization of utopias ….

  5. mskitty12311 says:

    Youths Defiant at ‘Spanish Revolution’ Camp in Madrid

    Thousands of Spaniards in central Madrid have vowed to defy a ban on their protest camp and continue their open-air sit-in.

    The protesters’ demands, pasted up all over Puerta del Sol [Gate of the Sun], are impossible to ignore.

    “I brought bread, tomatoes, cheese & chickpeas,” says Leticia Moya, 28, an unemployed nursery worker is one of many supporters donating supplies.


  6. praiseworthy2909 says:

    Its a good idea to work towards, but dont seem realistic.. Ppl are too greedy 🙁

  7. TheAfterPain says:

    @oofay789 good words. some might say it sounds bit negative but it is true. its pretty much about money and power. this socio-economic system breed corruption and conditions ourselves to exploit each other for monetary gain and result in many devastating consequences. through disguise and lies they make us believe that the system is working the way its supposed to. with mass media and military on their hand they have carrot and stick. they are VERYgood at utilizing those tools.

  8. kingmafi6699 says:


    Man wake up to yourself.

    The simple truth is that capitalism cannot solve poverty in the long run. It moves poverty from one geographical location to another.

    You cannot solve a broken system by empowering the very forces that are responsible for destroying it.

    The Libertarian argument is simply flawed and full of circular reasoning.

    Anytime you have differential advantage you get the sort of cronyism and abuse of power that we see in our modern society.

  9. HudsoWilks2315 says:


  10. TheAngryarchangel says:

    finally its put into words

  11. oofay789 says:

    me too

  12. Sceptorful says:

    Anyone who wants to know the real truth behind the “Illuminati” then watch Conspiritus Remake -? 1-13 on youtube. People need to wake up.

  13. mskitty12311 says:


    Some of us don’t give a damn about Ron Paul’s views on abortion. Some of us prefer our freedom of choice.

    Social Security has been raided by your politicians and they haven’t put the money back. Had that program been ‘hands off” all along — you’d have nothing to say about it. The issue wouldn’t even come up.

    Ayn Rand laissez-faire capitalism works pretty well for the monoplies/corporations and Forces of Greed. I haven’t heard a damned thing about what the gov will do for ppl

  14. TimLoos1 says:

    1) I think this is just a new way of packaging a christian argument, so basically nonsense
    2) So.. If the government is not involved anymore, who is? Religion? So atheists cannot get married anymore?
    3) Okay, that’s at least one good point..
    4) Is he for or against social security and welfare? If he supports it i’m okay with it, but stranger things have happened over there in the US..

  15. JulieStreet91 says:

    Love all of you

  16. diurdi says:

    @mskitty12311 1) The pro-life position is because he as a doctor has delivered over 4000 babies and believes life starts at conception, so every abortion is against the right of life for the baby.
    2) He’s most definiately not against gay marriage. He’s one of the only Republican who thinks any two persons should be able to form a partnership. He want’s government out of marriage altogether.
    3) He’s against any government control of inet
    4) social security and welfare is government control.

  17. JulieStreet91 says:

    @lesleygaleano888 2 very important hours of your life

  18. mskitty12311 says:


    Don’t worry. Once in, they all change their colors.

    Both Pauls are in favor of ‘small government’ controlling some aspects of our lives, like:

    outlawing abortion
    opposing same-gender marriage
    controlling what you’re allowed to see in the media (including the web)
    eliminating social security and privatizing it
    doing away with welfare for the needy and other social nets

  19. lesleygaleano888 says:

    2 hrs?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

  20. TimLoos1 says:

    @diurdi Yes, that contract is binding to EVERY country that’s wants to join it or is already in it.. Switzerland was the last to give up it’s goldstandard when they joined back in the ’90s.. For the US to bring it back the would have to leave it.
    As for the dollar collapse, if that were to happen (which it will, but hopefully not for a very long time, or until an alternative is found) the global economy would come to a halt. Everything is charged in dollars, especially resources..

  21. diurdi says:

    @TimLoos1 You think the IMF contract trumps the constitution? Hell no. Ofcourse he needs the senate and congress to go along if he were to be elected, which can be hard.

    Anyway, when the dollar collapses there’s an opportunity.

  22. TimLoos1 says:

    @diurdi He won’t bring the goldstandard back because he can’t.. it’s against the IMF contract

  23. mskitty12311 says:

    Published on Friday, May 20, 2011 by RT America

    Taibbi: ‘U.S. Politics – Reality Show Sponsored by Wall Street’

    RT’s Anastasia Churkina sits down with Matt Taibbi – journalist, author and contributing editor to Rolling Stone magazine.


  24. diurdi says:

    @mskitty12311 No, he’s not. He’s against all of the aforementioned.
    He has never:
    voted to raise taxes.
    voted to raise congressional pay.
    taken a government-paid junket.
    voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

    He voted against the Patriot Act.
    He voted against regulating the Internet.
    He voted against the Iraq war.
    He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
    He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

  25. mskitty12311 says:


    Ron Paul is part of the Anglo-American Establishment that has its roots in the Round Table, which consists of:

    Trilateral Commission
    Council of Foreign Relations
    Bilderberg Group
    Club of Rome
    Royal Institute of International Affairs

    In short, I have no reason to believe he is a messiah-in-waiting.