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  1. BTHstudios says:

    this helps but to realy get views check out my featured video on my channel then go to the link in the botom bar:D its real and it works:D

  2. ubotstudios7 says:

    :::Attention::: bot282 from ubotstudios com approves of globalviralnews’s videos. That is all.

  3. VideoMarketing2011 says:

    amazing stats for a short period of time.. great job =)

  4. TheGadgitech says:

    Great job on the promotion man. Lots of views. Looks like some of these guys should just check out your link to see what it’s all about. Just because people don’t get many views on their stuff it’s no reason to dog somebody else.

  5. ramosg100 says:

    you are awesome! i just watch this video on how to recover Facebook passwords /watch?v=5FVXF7GK_aM

  6. globalviralnews says:

    @Aggeloskk1990 “Let Me be Me” by Mister O, off the “Lights Out” Album (used with? permission)

  7. Aggeloskk1990 says:

    Whats the name of the song??????THANKS!!!!!!

  8. globalviralnews says:

    @dalshao no personal attack at all. Simply stating some facts

    1) you are making false statements (20 comments, 41 votes and 3 video responses) so clearly they are real viewers and not robots (even though we already said they were not)

    2) you have no videos or views

    3) so what is your commentary based on, except assumptions based on ignorance?

    4) the views explain themselves…whats to explain?

    5) the sources are revealed in the stats…its clear where the viewers are coming from

  9. dalshao says:

    @globalviralnews so… your fabulous marketing team has gotten views but no input on your product? glad that you personally attacked me instead of offering an explanation for the lack of awareness from your “viewers”

  10. globalviralnews says:

    @dalshao interesting perspective from someone with no videos (and most likely no education/experience in marketing)

  11. dalshao says:

    @murderousrage it’s obviously bots… if there was some “great marketing team”, then there would be more comments / criticism of the video (i.e. likes)

  12. Masitoish says:

    there is a chimp in the bathroom!!!!

  13. ThePeppeTv says:

    Sub to BassyRemix

    then i will sub you guys? !

    i will give you 1-3 subs

    thumbs up this comment !

  14. globalviralnews says:

    @murderousrage never bots, but video blogs

  15. GalryZ says:


  16. murderousrage says:

    @globalviralnews bots in other words right?

  17. globalviralnews says:

    @DDawg45 Global Viral News has a great marketing team, all videos that end up on this channel will be highly viewed

  18. DDawg45 says:

    How the fuck does this have so many views?

  19. ohkeepa2012 says:

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  21. juniorloz says:

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  24. globalviralnews says:

    @familiareal yw 🙂

    be sure to subscribe to our channel

  25. familiareal says:

    @globalviralnews Thanks, man! This is great!

  26. globalviralnews says:

    @familiareal “Let Me be Me” by Mister O off the Lights Out Album (used with permission)