Online-video Kevin “Nalts” Nalty. Author of “Beyond Viral,” Nalty is the only career marketer who doubles as one of YouTube’s most-viewed creators. To learn more about his topics and focus: To discover his book about YouTube and online-video : http
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25 Responses to Online-Video Marketing Speaker

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  4. JDubbsTheatre says:

    I have a run off and trip thing that I do that no one ever believes is deliberate.

  5. mtdewguy123 says:

    Wow he looks different without his hat.

  6. bigshowjoe1226 says:

    very nearly got raped by that chair @ 2:59

  7. ilovenaltsvideos says:

    whoa there are some pre-hair transplant shots in this vid.

  8. MsKHtheAddict says:

    0:00 Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wife!

  9. mastegib1 says:

    your awesome nalts

  10. BuffaloWarrior7 says:

    Hair transplant looking classy.

  11. annabananachen15 says:


  12. navilad says:

    nalts and ctfxc ftw ^.^

  13. lamReptar says:

    Someone has always gotta be the outlaw
    He wasn’t lying about the google search LOL!

  14. Kuzcoo1 says:

    @CTFxC CTFxC gogogo:D

  15. nork3 says:


  16. AppleyJuiceable says:

    Good on you Nalts.

  17. thefamousrobloxian says:

    @CTFxC 😀 CTFxC :D!!!

  18. OhmyStrawberrii says:

    thats nalty for ya.

  19. JackBaur369 says:

    @CTFxC charles im suprised you actually let go of the cap’s lock to sign out your name.

  20. littlemonstera says:


  21. ThatMikePappas says:

    @CTFxC FTW


    @CTFxC Im sad enough to watch your vidoes everyday ! :O

  23. NomedYou says:

    @CTFxC Oh yes 😉

  24. thesirbob says:

    Nalts you have always been one of my favourite people on Youtube. And I think that through all the years the reason you continue to be so, is because you never take yourself too seriously and you’ve always been able to laugh at yourself and accept the failures along with the successes.

    Thank you for doing what you do and being a part of my life, even though you don’t know me at all.

    There may be lots of Viral video’s… but only a few Viral People… and you are one!

  25. CompProHD says:

    @CTFxC FTW