– Online Marketing – 3 of Online Videos you can to make by Dereck Celis! This is for a ** MARKETING CHALLENGE that I set a group of Internet Marketers at my monthly Internet Marketing Mastermind meeting in London. In this I give you 3 different of Videos that you can do when getting started in Video Marketing. For more tips and tricks go to my blog at http and don’t forget to grab your Free Internet Marketing Training Videos.
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ASA Online Marketing 101
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14 Responses to Online Video Marketing – 3 types of Videos to do by Dereck Celis

  1. craigmullock says:

    I used to hate video’s and started with PowerPoint and keynote presentations, but as soon as you have done one video you soon realise it’s not as hard as you think. You just have to do it!

  2. dereckcelis says:

    @afmade Hey Antonio, thanks for your comment… yes that’s a good observation. And here’s why I didn’t include it, the way I see it, is there are 2 different types of Video here: the “conceptual one” and the “step by step” approach.
    This video is the educational “conceptual one” – and sometimes I prefer to give people the inspiration for there own ideas. Animoto is just one way, but there are many others… but it’s the idea I want people to take away! 🙂

  3. GiuseppeSaieva says:

    More great content and tips Dereck. This really helps people starting their journey in video marketing.

  4. JustinTeohOfficial says:

    Great video Dereck – starting out with video is always the hardest thing to do so those tips are really awesome! Keep the videos coming mate =)

  5. afmade says:

    Great video Dereck. You know how it works. Just one question. In the video you mentioned Animoto. I would have prefered to see the link in that sequence. Is there a reason why you didn’t show it? Cheers Antonio

  6. LetITPay says:

    Hey Dereck

    My clients love Animoto they can have a video on their website with just images and not have to do live videos.

    Great information again thanks

    Vanda-Lynn Hughes

  7. carldavidashton says:

    great video Dereck, these tips will help a lot of people 🙂

  8. StueyW100 says:

    Hey Dereck!
    Commitment or what… What do your neighbours think of this guy who talks to himself in the middle of the night..? A great inspiration to your MMG members, and the rest of us!

  9. RobbieVantWout says:

    Hi Dereck.
    Nice video. What was your video challenge for the month? It is just a little bit differcult to attend your master mind group. There is this little bit of water between me and London that is expensive to cross.

  10. ChrisDbaisTV says:

    110% again. Great content that I can talk away and start working on right now.

  11. Golfingbazza says:

    Excellent video and great challenge … would love to be a surprise guest to your Mastermind Group one day soon.


    P.S. No excuses for anyone not to use youtube as a form of online presence

  12. craigmullock says:

    Great content on you favourite subject Dereck! “Video” Nice one on getting the video done straight after the Mastermind! You are showing everyone that you are truly commited! Nice on! 9 to go!!!

  13. gandfscott says:

    Excellent explanation on the three types of video you can do to get your message out there – and you needn’t even show your face on camera if you don’t want to (even though you ought to so that people get to know, like and trust you!!)
    You’re a bit of a nutter Dereck going home and recording that in the middle of the night – but …. that’s the kind of guy he is … he’s the go-to-man if you need help 🙂

  14. VideoMarketingBreeze says:

    love it buddy…

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