We chat with about GM’s moves in media, and the narrowing split between communications and marketing.
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Complete video at: fora.tv NASA’s social media Stephanie Schierholz describes how they use social media to increase awareness of the space program. She explains that NASA’s activities range from earthbound partnerships with Foursquare and Gowalla to enabling astronauts to use Twitter from space. —– Out of This World: NASA’s Use of Digital Media with Stephanie Schierholz, Social Media at NASA. Social media shifts marketing from controlled, one-way communications into collaborative, intimate dialogues with — and among — constituents. The strategies, tools, rules of engagement, and metrics present marketing and digital professionals with a series of challenges that are best distilled into one question: “What do I do now?” – L2 Stephanie Schierholz is social media at NASA.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. kopierenundeinfuegen says:

    Sie wollen Social Media Manager werden? Hier gibt es die Ausbildung dafuer. Fuer Unternehmen: Sie brauchen Social Media Manager? Wir haben bereits ausgebildete Social Media Manager. Siehe mein Kanal.

  2. zassounotsukushi says:

    NASA, Wikipedia would suck if you didn’t already have a default Public Domain license. Don’t let yourselves get confused about what’s new versus what’s good. You’ve were innovating around the internet before the internet existed. The focus on delivering quality goods to the public itself allows for great material that I watch on youtube from you guys.

  3. S0chan says:

    Ah, yes, because the best way of communicating the excitement of space exploration and scientific research are two sentences long twitter messages.

    You sure are bringing science in all of it’s glory to the people this way.

  4. eTutuFinito says:

    Long live NASA and its German staff !
    Because of them the USA is the No.1
    advanced country here on Earth.

  5. LokiClock says:

    @TheCtheg A lot of them are still free.

  6. ndecker3295 says:

    dude internet, id be playing call of duty all day aslong as the lag wasnt too bad

  7. davidseitzjr says:

    Live internet only some of the time? Looks like going into space really is getting away from it all.

  8. TheCtheg says:

    sux that ur internet site know cost mony. now i cant se ur compleat movis eny more. i do not have so mutche mony To use on u..

  9. elsquibbs says:

    “OMG it’s FREEZING in here!!1”


  10. LokiClock says:

    “1st lol.” -TJ Creamer

  11. 16242T says:

    If they don’t have mind melds, I’m not interested. 😉