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Video Rating: 0 / 5 | FabCom is a strategic full service marketing and advertising agency specializing in the one to one marketing techniques of Neuromarketology through cross channel, cross media marketing campaigns. FabCom | Demographic Overview In today’s market, it is no longer good enough to plan and execute marketing communications based simply on broad age and era similarities in beliefs, values and expectations. We have to dig deeper to define meaningful market segmentations. Without more information, how can you explain or respond to the fact that, for example, two 60-year-olds can have diametrically opposed perceptions on some issues and products. In times only recently past, it was enough to differentiate your marketing communications simply based on the target audiences’ ages. The familiar categories below served marketers well in terms of knowing the when, what, how and why of communicating persuasively with each broad segment. There are still some skeptics when it comes to the whole field of neuromarketing, but our experience is that, when combined with other metrics and data, it can help us deliver very successful and dynamic marketing results for our clients. Author Brian Fabiano, FabCom CEO – author of the book: Neuromarketology, available at E-mail Phone: (480) 878-8500 View our Clients, Portfolio, & Case Studies here: FabCom | Facbook: FabCom | LinkedIn:
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