Arizona businessman Ken Hightower purchased an online ad package with and received online traffic and made a sale within 24 hours. He shares the effectiveness of the “Coupon” feature and the advertisers back office where statistics that show the effectiveness of the ads are monitored. local ad link empowered brandbuilders empowered brandbuilder scott jay ringle david edwards steve jankowski my brandbuilder pro Make sure to check out this site to get your Local business to succeed for you! http
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6 Responses to Local AdLink Advertiser Shows Power Of Local AdLink Ads

  1. BrittPhillips says:

    Local offline advertising is often overlooked as a great form of effective promotion for any business. I’ve used this method with great results many times over the years. If you’re looking for a free way to advertise your business to 10,000 people locally, this might be just what you’re lookng for.

    I also love the fact that every time I’ve used the method I’ve made sevral hundred in a few days PLUS got my own ad(s) out to 10,000 local people for FREE!

    GuaranteedWayToMakeMoney [dot] com

  2. conniethen says:

    This video was great. If you are looking to make money online and want low startup,great training and unbeatable pay plan.
    Take a look at my channel. I am so confident anyone can make money, I will pay your way in.

    All the Best.

  3. shillvwcc says:

    how do you design the ad to become ranked so quickly? i am currently a brand builder for localadlink but the few ads i have created are not showing up in google or others. what am i doing wrong? just looking for insight to help my clients! thanks!

  4. Lunettezdsg says:

    I really liked your channel and this video. If you need any help getting this video exposed I use a site called tubeviews.(net) It has really helped like 20 of my main videos get to the top in position. Its nice.

    I like what i watched.

  5. mudeye says:

    Really? How has it helped you? I’m sorry but it sounds fake.Same sound clip all over youtube.
    It sounds like a freakin merry-go -round audio clip.I want to believe.But who can show us and my company how you make money? Have you made money? Show me. Thank you. I’ll join if I’m convinced.

  6. mikeandkatehagen says:

    LocalAdLink definitely works! People just need to try it out. What a value for your advertising dollars.

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