I highly recommend this product for service providers, online marketers, and offline marketers alike.
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13 Responses to Let’s Get Social, Social Media Manager Review

  1. gthopkins says:

    I think the question about how much Jenn makes is inappropriate for this forum. I doubt that you would be willing to post your income for the world to see. Why not do some homework and check Jenn’s web site, Facebook page, etc. That might tell you what you need to know. Good luck. I hope this helps.

  2. gthopkins says:

    I have not purchased the course, as yet. I wrote to Jenn about the course. She was very quick in getting back to me with plenty of information regarding the level of course content. She said right up front that in order to start this type of service business – IT WILL TAKE WORK. It also requires constant learning because the market and technology frequently change. THIS IS NOT direct marketing, MLM or anything like Amway. This is a course. You will sell YOUR hands-on services.

  3. freelanceje says:

    I would also like to mention that you do NOT need this program, or any other, to get started as a social media manager. Take some time to browse through websites of other managers, and figure out how you can set up your own business. There is a lot of demand for this.

    I like this program because it was created by someone who has been doing this for a while, and has taken the time to put together a worthwhile training on getting started.

  4. vivaloriflamme says:

    It may be that you’ll remove my comments but it’s only a matter of time before someone makes a video about the reality, of what it takes to make money at it, whether it’s worth it.
    I haven’t found any good reviews on respected websites. Maybe you should ask them to review it.

    There are a couple of YT reviews but they all look like yours.

  5. freelanceje says:

    @vivaloriflamme Well, I cannot account for the others reviewing this program. I find it to be very worthwhile education 🙂 As for cold calling, there is NONE of that so I have no idea where you got that idea. Have a fantastic Sunday!

  6. vivaloriflamme says:

    I’m not looking up info to start my own business. A friend asked me about it and I did some research. No fists here. I found the first few pages of google results larded with the same vague praise– sometimes the same exact
    article with misspellings and bad grammar attributed to different writers.
    If a person is a salesman who enjoys cold calls, s/he MIGHT make some money.
    How much is your cut from selling the program?

  7. freelanceje says:

    I would also like to add that if anyone wants to ask me real questions without “fists raised” from the start, I’m very happy to answer them *without* trying to sell you anything. I am always happy to help people realize that there is more to life than the 9-5 — especially when it comes to moms who want to stay at home, which is my passion.

  8. freelanceje says:

    @MsAmyPeach Thank you for your inquiry. I have been running my own business (writing, copywriting, webmaster, and yes, social media) for 3 years now. I make a full time income, which allows me to stay home with my children. I have decided to move my business to “mostly” social media, and this course has given me excellent tips on how to do that.

    The video is meant to share my thoughts on how this course may help someone who is interested in it. If you’re not interested, move on!

  9. freelanceje says:

    It is *not* like Amway

  10. freelanceje says:

    @vivaloriflamme Why are you looking up information on how to start your own business as a social media manager if you don’t believe it’s a possibility? The reality is that it’s a service business. A service that is in demand. Registrar your domain name, set up your site, and start marketing yourself to businesses to help them manage their social media. This course just tells you, in depth, how to do that. It is like “like Amway” in any respect.

  11. vivaloriflamme says:

    “excited about the possibility”—- and what about the reality?

    “very quickly”


    “something to aspire to”

    Sounds like Amway

  12. vivaloriflamme says:

    I’m still looking for the truth—

  13. MsAmyPeach says:

    How much have you made? Cause this sounds like just more advertising. So, please show us how well you are doing, thanks!