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TopRankMarketing.com CEO Lee Odden interviews Mel Carson, Microsoft Advertising Community & Social Media Manager. The discuss the importance of the human element in social media along with platforms, channels and screens as well as the need for adaptive strategy and experimentation. The interview took place at SES London 2011. Find more online marketing expert interviews at: www.toprankblog.com http Find more on Mel Carson at: www.melcarson.com http twitter.com

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5 Responses to Las Vegas Social Media Consultant

  1. Enygma2002 says:

    And you do so by spamming social media? users for your own and personal profit. Shame on you! Stop treating people as numbers and stop disturbing their online experience.

  2. anglomangler says:

    is relevantcy a word? something has relevance.

  3. panasall says:

    Can you send me an example of one of your clients you promoted on youtube?

  4. gordon5cc says:

    If you send me messages advertising shit ima block you

  5. socdaal says:

    I think this is your first Video in your channel and my Comment will be the first …So BEST WISHES FOR YOU .

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