How NOT to SUCK at Writing Acceptable Social Media Marketing Articles: Get your Marketing Articles Accepted the First Time By Clint Maki Director of Social Media Marketing at Katapult Enterprises. As Bloggers we will see the public demand that our standards be raised over the next few years. The public is crowding to the Internet for it’s main sources of information. As they do this, they will increasingly demand higher quality when they make their buying decisions. As our Readership inclines itself to reading short and impactful, meaningful Blogs as their source of information, they will gravitate to the more professional looking and relevant content. If you want to attract the right people to your business or cause, then we all need to raise our standards accordingly. Your credibility lies in your ability to convey your message correctly. To help you get your article approved, here are the current general Guidelines that will raise your likelihood of getting published in Article Marketing sites the first time you submit. For additional information, watch the YouTube video at my YouTube channel: Clint Maki. Here is the link: 1. Your Title MUST Be In Upper and Lower Case Letters With The First Letter of Each Major Word Capitalized. 2. The article title must not be in all CAPS. 3. One (1) word as the article TITLE is not generally acceptable a MINIMUM of two unique words is required 4. It is not required that you capitalize common words such as “a” – “the” – “to” – “for
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  1. MarcusThe411 says:

    Great Video,

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  2. todayseasy says:

    Yes of course and Social Media Sites really help people market their products or services.

  3. MarkMillionaireGuru says:

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  4. Kimancy says:

    Nice Video. Check out TubeViews (dotnet) If you need your video exposed, It has really helped me a bunch. Be blessed!

    THIS WORKS! Its amazing.. THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE!!!!!!

  5. ShyGirlFromChicago says:


    Very nice work. What the Bleep? You are incredible.

    Have an Awesome Week and BEE Happy!


  6. karinhiebert says:

    Thanks Wendy!

    Great to have you as a member of the Alliance!

  7. karinhiebert says:

    Thanks Dr. Jeanine, your services are highly recommended by the alliance.

    Keep up the great work you do!

  8. karinhiebert says:


  9. karinhiebert says:

    Thank you…glad you enjoyed it!

  10. wendydaniels11 says:

    Great Video, Karin. Very Creative.
    Like the song, too.

  11. DrJeanine says:

    This is wonderful! I highly recommend this resource!!!

  12. GlobalInspiration says:

    love it

  13. ONLYEMI says:

    Interesting video =)

  14. karinhiebert says:

    Yes! its a global alliance of great people!


  15. karinhiebert says:

    thank you!

    I appreciate the viewing and the comments!

  16. SmartBizMatrix says:

    yes! The Global Alliance – for all!

  17. kathyjones77 says:

    they keep getting better…


  18. networkbusinesses says:

    great video

  19. JANCIEprodukTie says:

    CooL aLl channeL is CooL sTay CooL amsterdaMcooLture

  20. geogreg27 says:

    Cool stuff man….!! Great ideas.

  21. oniichanrikku says:

    Great video! That was interesting!

  22. ClintMaki says:

    I count on people like you to post quality videos for the YouTube community.

    Stop by my channel and watch my videos about Marketing YOUR content on my channel. We can CROSS promote!

    Leave me comments and let’s support one another.

    Clint Maki

  23. EcoPaintSpecialists1 says:

    Say bro, Networked Blogs & Bloggers dotcom 😉 2 key syndication channels for me 😉 PingSEO works good for blog submissions.

  24. luc59457 says:

    I disagree with the quotes.. If you already have a viewer base like some partners, you can make the wierdest titles that you want and they still get tons of views. I will agree with this if you want to look professional.. But I disagree that the title all in caps will necessarily be ignored. The subject of the title helps.

  25. ldobson1 says:

    Hi Clint,

    Thanks for the invitation to visit your channel. I subscribed, added you as a friend and commented on your channel. Would you please do the same on my channel? Building relationships is a fundamental key to health, wealth and happiness. Every business should acquire the mindset that they are in the “People Business”, and focus in on building relationships.

    Go out and make today your best day ever!
    Lloyd Dobson 🙂

  26. RealtyStudioHD says:

    A little bit of friendly advice. I’ve taught social media marketing to people all over Louisiana. I shot a commercial for Social Media Guru, Paul Chaney. I can tell you this, if you want people to take your advice on anything at all, make your videos better. Better quality picture, better quality audio. This is imperative to being successful.

  27. prosperouslifedev1 says:

    Massive Value here Clint! Keep Reaching the Masses!!!
    Stay Fired Up^^^