ITHU PREMAMO Album – Official Marketing www. Track 1 – Dhaaham … Album – Ithu Premamo , A Sajan Production ,Editing & Direction Alphonse , Lyrics Arju Benn , Music Rajesh Murugesan , Concept Alan jacob , Art Sajith Antony , Make up Jijeesh ,Cinematography Binendra Menon Singer Jyotsana Cast Bobby , Rainy
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to ITHU PREMAMO Full Music Album – Dhaaham..Full Song – Internet Marketing Partner

  1. mich2055 says:

    awwww.. i love this song..

  2. mallupeers says:

    First time kandapo, oh nala clarityula oru album song athre thoniyulu 2-3 times ketu kazhinjapo hmm clarityde kude lyricsum ishtmayi thudangi. Ravile thtou evng vere ketu kazhinjapo urapayi i really like every thing in this song especially patile a 1.20ile oru edukal thts superb.. Nice work HDyil Upload cheythathinu Thumbs up

  3. binurajs2007 says:

    Ya really good……..
    one of the good album in malayalam
    all works are good

  4. sravanthazhathu says:

    No words to say beautiful

  5. resmimha says:

    Super Super Super!!!!!!!!!!!!conceptttt

  6. reenu163 says:

    my new favorite<3 :))

  7. anukavila says:

    evidunnu kittiyeda e kundane?

  8. arungopi666 says:

    brilliant cam work….

  9. muthuvskrishnan says:

    superb song

  10. snehamme says:

    i found her n added her on twitter / rainy1010 .. love her .. 🙂

  11. princetun says:

    very nice album…….. cute girl too…….

  12. princetun says:

    very nice album…….. cute girl too…….

  13. buddyspy1 says:

    addictive 🙂

  14. rajeshmurugesanable says:

    guys plzz write your valuable comments .. 🙂 .. we’ll be glad ..

  15. chabbooss says:

    Applause’s guys !!! :-)…

  16. akhila2236 says:

    superb song and video

  17. metromatineevideos says:

    4174 People shared this video in FACEBOOK already with in 10 Days ….!
    Thanks for all Facebook Supporters

  18. rajeshmurugesanable says:

    @bonnyaugustine bonny …. thanx da ..

  19. rajeshmurugesanable says:

    @vijayhere999 within a month all should be set to release :)… ur support is encouraging 🙂 thanx

  20. vijayhere999 says:

    obviously i am spreading to the max i can rajesh u must have seen on my facebook page also!!!!!!! Waiting for the release to buy it! will have to tell someone to courier it to me please get the release fast!!!!!!!!!

  21. bonnyaugustine says:


  22. rajeshmurugesanable says:

    Thankyou guys for ur support .. 🙂 … plzz keep sharing ….. we need your support 🙂

  23. ismu1987 says:

    Crossed 10000? viewers with in 8 Days…
    director sir….. treaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt…. 🙂
    thankyou all…

  24. dreamsirresistible says:

    nice …video.. 🙂

  25. rajeshmurugesanable says:

    @premtheemperorsankar … thanx for the comment 🙂

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