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17 Responses to Internet Marketing Success Video

  1. sockyninja112 says:


  2. illumin8e says:

    Dude what sort of animal is that on your head?? ?; ^ D

  3. RonZellmer says:

    Signed up and will be there Friday. Glad to hear our wives can attend. See you there.

  4. wndywmn says:

    I’m not quite ready for that yet Brian, but I’ll be ready next year. I need to stay focused and keep working on my 300 sites. Maybe you could have it on the West Coast next year!

  5. kayeg100 says:

    I sooooo want to be there (even had a dream about it), but my daughter’s wedding is in September, so maybe next year. Then I will be able to tell you about how well my 300 site it going. Cheers Kaye

  6. gwmarlett says:

    Dude – what’s with the hair? You look frazzled. Take a break, a vacation or something.

    In spite of this, you still have the best Internet Marketing training, hands down! I made my first $ with your training. Best regards Greg

  7. kevosmitho says:

    He needs something to hold all that wisdom together.
    Brian has by far been the #1 most influential internet marketer that i have had the pleasure of studying under.
    Get past the hair, get to las vegas, get Brian’s 300 internet marketers course free, make money! its that simple!

  8. RedDragonessThe says:

    At first I thought he was the Sham Wow guy in a wig.

  9. abundancepubs says:

    Attended the last conference via live streaming and it was so worth it! Awesome information and great speakers. I would love to go in person. Loving 300 Internet Marketers!
    Best, Rachael

  10. TheAzk9cop says:

    Craziest hair in Internet Marketing!!

  11. dmilla04 says:

    This would be such an opportunity to attend, but unfortunately I wont be able to come in August, I am kicking myself. However, with more time I can plan my trip from London to the US. I am loving your 300IM course, success is around the corner.


  12. darkblue0208 says:

    I want so bad to attend one of those seminars, and my first trip to USA will be to one of the Practical Profits gatherings.

    Unfortunately I cannot come this August, but next year I hope I will be there.


  13. VideoByWC says:

    Hey Brian… can’t wait to see you guys again! Practical Profits was great in February in Orlando, and I know it’s going to be even better this time in Vegas! Great networking opportunity, great ideas shared in a no-pitch setting! Got my plane tickets and counting down the days!

  14. BeautyVids10 says:

    This guy rocks! Solid IM strategies. Sorry I can’t jump on a plane and be there.
    Catherine, Australia

  15. nichestorestrategies says:

    I was fortunate enough to attend the February seminar of Practical Profits and it was a great event. It was full of great information in a no-pressure atmosphere. If you can go, it is well worth the time taken. No one is there to sell you anything. It is just solid information that you can take home and use.

    Brian was great at the February seminar and I’m sure this will be even better. Have a wonderful time for all who go!

  16. nipi800 says:

    I will try to go next time Brian! 🙂

  17. netmarketingniche says:

    Hey Brian… I will be there! Already paid.. bought my plane ticket and hotel room… Excited to be there.

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