www.DotComSecrets.com Secret #1 Create a System Outline. Clip from presentation given by Russell Brunson at the 12 Month Internet Millionaire Workshop in Salt Lake City, UT in February, 2008.
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InternetSponsoringNow.com Internet network is an awesome way to grow your mlm business very fast. While traditional MLM works fine for some, tapping into the internet gives you tremendous leverage and you can literally generate 100s to 1000s of leads daily with a couple simple techniques. Here are the top 5 ways to grow your network business very fast using paid internet advertising. #1 Pay Per Click Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing offer ways for you to place ads for your internet network marketing business in front of certain people when they do research or are looking for solutions to problems they are having. You only pay when those people click on your ad and are sent to your website. #2 The Google Content Network You can literally adverstise your internet network marketing business on other peoples websites, numbered in the millions, simply by tapping into this ad network. Here, the idea is basically the same as advertising on search engines, but you can pay on a per click basis, but also on a per 1000 impression basis. #3 Ezine or Email Marketing Hands down one of the oldest, yet most effective ways to generate leads in internet network marketing. The basic idea here is that you go out and find people in your niche (product niche or business opportunity niche) who have an email subscriber database that they send emails out to, and rent their list for certain amount of money. This can create huge surges in your MLM

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37 Responses to Internet Marketing Secrets 1 of 3

  1. iMarketingIreland says:

    Great seminar. Love the bit on using customer feedback. Great stuff on doing real time market research online.

  2. gmakwa says:

    Nice Video Keep up the good work!!!

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  4. ProductProfits says:

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  5. Johnsonharris says:

    Yes we need to know the secrets of the Internet marketing and plan according to that. then we will get good results. Thanks for the video and thanks for the suggestions. Its awesome.

  6. ImNewProducts says:

    Thanks for the video. I liked micro continuity to an extent.

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  9. internettopmentor says:

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  11. fr33ddl says:

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  16. ReachYourPotential says:

    Hi Russellbrunson

    I have really enjoyed my visit to your video today and I will be sure to return again very soon.

    Have a great day.

    Mark McCulloch

  17. imtowardrich says:

    Hi Russell, Very informative Video.

  18. decreeci says:

    Where can we go to get the outline you used?

  19. notpattonbutbrandon says:

    heres a secret go up to your address bar, put the letter “Q” between the words you and tube and then press enter or click go

  20. GarfieldHerriot says:

    I love all your stuff Russel, thanks for all the great content through your channel and through magnetic sponsoring.

    Garfield Herriot

  21. antion says:

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  23. pvreymond says:

    Hey Russell, that’s great info. In my personal opinion everything boils down to 3 easy steps…

    1. Find out what the marketplace wants
    2. Create it or find it
    3. Give it to them

  24. MarkMillionaireGuru says:

    Hi RussellBrunson

    I have just been watching your video and I must admit it really is very good.

    I really enjoyed watching it.

    Already looking forward to more of the same in the future.

    Cheers to your success.

    Mark McCulloch

  25. steveduval1 says:

    Love the video, Keep up the good work.

    Steve Duval

  26. wirelessopp says:

    The biggest secret in Internet Network Marketing is the product and company. The hard truth is that some products just don’t work well with Internet Network Marketing, and you will find that those companies know this and will discourage it. It is amazing the difference once you have the right product.

  27. huntersmlmplaybook says:

    Well worth my time, thanks.

  28. getrichclick says:

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  32. livefree21 says:

    Hi Kurt, cool video on internet network marketing leads..

    Warmest Regards,
    Larry Rivera

  33. livefree21 says:

    Hi Kurt,

    Cool video on how to get internet network marketing leads.

    Warmest Regards,
    Larry Rivera

  34. livefree21 says:

    Hey cool video on how to get network marketing leads

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    Larry Rivera

  35. livefree21 says:

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  36. sds1522 says:

    @TheRealShawnCharles This is totaly not a troll

  37. TheRealShawnCharles says:

    Hey, Kurt great video! If your new to internet network marketing you should concentrate on one traffic stream firts get good at it then add another, otherwise, you can get overwhelmed. Been there done that.

    Blazing to the top,
    Shawn Charles