Daniel from Thailand asks: “Hi Matt! If you would open your own Digital /SEM/SEO , what would you do different from the other thousand companies out there?” Thisvideo is part of a “Grab Bag” series in which Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, answers questions from webmasters. We’re not currently taking new video questions, so your best bet for getting an answer about webmaster-related search issues is to head to our help forum: www.google.com
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22 Responses to How would you run your own online marketing company?

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  2. goldenwaymedia says:

    Hi Matt, i found this video a bit late.it is April 2011 now. I totally agree with you when talking about creativity.Online marketing not only requires finding new ways but also patience and have faith ( in yourself) Thanks for sharing this video.

  3. gmakwa says:

    Nice Video Keep up the good work!!!

  4. topbizqueen says:

    a great video, thanks for sharing.

    Have subbed, keep up the good work 🙂

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  6. internettopmentor says:

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  7. FreudenmannFamily says:

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  8. Attractionmusic says:

    Hey Matt ,really good advise and great case studies !Nick

  9. smashtweet says:

    Great knowledge shared.
    With Love !

  10. SignatureVideoGroup says:

    How important is it to have video and other rich media on your website to rank in the years to come?

  11. todayseasy says:

    This is a great information. Thank you for sharing this to us! Also can you provide the link for the said case study.

  12. zillidaniel says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for answering my question.
    It’s not easy to be different in a saturated market, but is exactly this challenge that makes the good (or smart) ones stand out in the crowd.

  13. InsuranceSoftware says:

    It’s actually a great idea. Today, the only firms that can afford to get the best advice on SEO and Social Media are the larger corporations who are now beginning to take over a lot of the SERP’s. I’ve seen large corporations begin to require employees to connect to a Facebook Fan page or submit comments to blogs etc which makes it very difficult for the small company to be heard. Transparency will allow the smaller players to have a voice in a space that was created for them.

  14. ajiabs says:

    Thank you

  15. RafaelMinuesa says:

    From the same post:
    “… seduced by the SEO dark side into thinking they need to create content for Google instead of for their readers. It dumbs-down the content, which turns off your real audience, which ultimately makes you less valuable to advertisers.
    Remember this: Its not your job to create content for Google. its their job to find the best of the web for their results. Your audience is your readers, not Googles algorithm.”

    I’d love to have your valuable opinion on this, Matt. Really.

  16. almightyvegeta87 says:

    Thats bad advice !
    If everything is made transparent then everyone will know what to do , why then SEO service required ?

  17. worthyrocks says:

    Matt, could you provide a link to this case study, please?


  18. RafaelMinuesa says:

    could you please google:
    “If someone charges you for SEO, you have been conned.”
    and give us your opinion on that?. Thanks.

    This guy Derek maintains that:
    “Look under the hood of any SEO plan and youll find advice like this: make sure to use keywords in the headline, use proper formatting, provide summaries of the content, include links to relevant information. All of this is a good idea, and none of it is a secret. Its so obvious, anyone who pays for it is a fool.”

  19. MichaelDadona says:

    ‘Great Budget’ as you said a much problem to me, Matt, I am running with small business scale. Whatever, I am very happy you said this word ‘CREATIVITY’. I take your word CREATIVITY and I believe with my innovative mind really gives a successful output in future. Thanks Matts for your motivation about CREATIVITY.

    “Work hard is a must, work smart is a necessity, work sedulously is a necessity” – [email protected] Dadona.

  20. MattCutts says:

    Eric Enge is his name.

  21. ajiabs says:

    What is the name of the company or person you mentioned, who did the open case studies? Air Ginke? I did not catch and could find it in SE also.

  22. PageOneSEO says:

    Theoretically it would be great to be totally open and transparent about your processes and there are good reasons for doing so.

    On the other hand, your clients may not be so thrilled about having their internet marketing strategy on display.

    I generally don’t reveal who my clients are & they’ve asked me not to reveal my methods & their identity so their competitors don’t take advantage of the work I’ve done for them.