www.socialtalklive.com – Talk Live – This video covers the 4 of an effective media strategy. Leave a response to this video if you need a media strategy created, have questions regarding your social media strategy or one you are working on for a client. We look forward to hearing from you. Social Talk Live Real-Time Interactive Training Co-Founders Mark A. Hill II – twitter.com/iammarkhill Elijah R. Young – twitter.com/elijahryoung Phone: 559-851-5483 (LIVE) Email: letstalk@socialtalklive.com www.socialtalklive.com

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4 Responses to How To: The 4 Essential Parts To Creating An Effective Social Media Strategy

  1. keolahomes says:

    Great stuff…..thanks

  2. nistyes says:

    Hey, good videos, great stuff, good to see valuable advice being given,

    Come by my channel to view another way to create a wealthier lifestyle and make a difference with a successful home based business model, thousands around the world are making a positive difference in their lives.

    It is more important than ever to find a trustworthy opportunity which offers support and a in place system with “on demand” products,

    I care and am here to help

    Keep? shining

    Nicola Kibble 🙂

  3. SocialTalkLive says:

    @rayofla – Thanks Ray!

  4. rayofla says:

    Well done.

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