Video is hot! It adds a whole new dimension to your marketing. Are you looking to use video with your efforts, but feel a bit stuck? In this episode of Examiner TV, Mari Smith shares important tips, creative ideas and what you need to know to integrate video into your media marketing. Also be sure to catch her ninja marketing tip at the end of the video. Be sure to share your feedback and see the show notes with lots of useful links below.
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11 Responses to How to Integrate Video Into Your Social Media Marketing

  1. mycollegesandcareers says:

    Another terrific video, Mari! Thanks for sharing these great resources.

  2. myposchange says:

    Great tips!

  3. riccineer says:

    You’re doing such a great job Mari! Love it rock star!

  4. frenchamericantv says:

    thank you for sharing this information

  5. home1951 says:

    i think it was a wonderful viedo and marketing tipsthat’s why you are very postive p
    erson. you have an exceptional way of getting your message across.thanks. Mari

    H Chaney

  6. cjthemotivator says:

    Wonderful tips for Video marketing. That’s why you are the true queen of video! Can’t wait to meet you live! Love connecting with positive, achievers, and entrepreneurs! 🙂 Thanks Mari,
    -CJ Small-Training Winners

  7. inventivemanagement says:

    Very useful, love your energy!

  8. Wisdomman777 says:

    Thanks I just love your Video tips

  9. allinaday says:

    overall, I find you and this video very useful for my clients. Thank you for it.
    David Hoffman – filmmaker

  10. cheryllynnyt says:

    Another great video Mari! Your content is always so rich in value. Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. MyVintageVictory says:

    Great tips!!
    Cheers Darling,
    VVCNews com
    VintageVictory com

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