www.ignitesocialmedia.com Jim Tobin, president of Ignite Media, shares the Ignite Method of Media Marketing Development. The company has developed media for some of the world’s largest brands and this 25-minute presentation outlines their process in detail. Accompanying blog post on social media strategy located at ar.gy
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16 Responses to How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

  1. lilgthestylist says:

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  2. lilgthestylist says:

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  3. lilgthestylist says:

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  4. NancyAardweg says:

    One of the most valuable tools you will ever find for integrating your marketing strategies!

  5. lilgthestylist says:

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  6. NancyAardweg says:

    I recommend watching this video at least 5 times.

  7. lilgthestylist says:

    This video has great ideas and has great information on how to connect social media sites with one another! I recommened you watch it through. Anthony Hidalgo

  8. NancyAardweg says:

    Great video! very detailed step-by-step instructions for success. NA

  9. adflores8 says:

    Email this link or put it on your Facebook/Twitter feeds!

  10. adflores8 says:

    Two of my friends have seen this video and are already using what they learned!

  11. BellaSognatori13 says:

    This video was very useful and provides great ideas to make the most out of social media marketing.

  12. Sassily2011 says:

    Great tools for making the most of social media. Identifying the different channels available for efficient marketing via repurposing is key. This has already helped my business sense and I’m eager to see it play out.

  13. adflores8 says:

    There is so much content here, everytime I watch it I pick up something new

  14. adflores8 says:

    I just emailed this to friends of mine that are business owners. They will love it.

  15. adflores8 says:

    Excellent video. Very indepth and complete. A must see for any small business owner or marketing exec.

  16. AsadZaidi says: