Lisa Buyer, The Buyer Group, interviews Kristjan Mar Hauksson, Nordic eMarketing, on the subject of social and the marketing mix. Kristjan talks about the problems faced in the aftermath of a terrible volcano eruption back in 2010 which almost torpedoed the Icelandic summer tourist travel season. Kristjan talks about ceasing the momentum when it came to Inspiring people to travel to . Kristjan says whenever there is news about a volcano erupting in , there is approximately 900% more searches with the term, Iceland, in it than in a given normal year without any volcano eruptions. Kristjan says the trick was to influence those who are searching about Iceland. You need to be vigilant, according to Kristjan, and in using social media applications one must be listening and engaging your users. Kristjan says his company engaged those who were searching about Iceland in the aftermath of the volcano eruption and were able to save Iceland’s summer season. To learn more about speaking at SES London, please visit:
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