NPR Social media training workshop at the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. Eyder Peralta, Associate Producer for Social Media, speaks about NPR’s story. Short story shorter: Geoff Campbell contacted NPR inquiring about NPR’s nonexistent , received a non-response and created NPR’s Facebook on his own. Six weeks later, when the had 5000 fans, Andy Carvin, Senior Strategist for Social Media contacted him and took over the page for NPR. Patrick Cooper, Product Manager of Editorial Tools and Services then begins speaking about online community engagement. I’m glad “reasonable Andy” was using his brain that morning…but I they never actually gave me a mug… For the entire presentation (including 15 minutes of problems using Skype): Leadership Summit: The Future of Local News and Public Media Eyder Peralta and Patrick Cooper: Building Online Community For more information, see or the mentions of this video from The Argosy: Mount Allison University: Techdirt: Brand Channel: Sackville Tribune-Post: Geoff at Mount Allison is a personal blog about life at Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB, Canada. http

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25 Responses to How Andy Carvin took over NPR’s Facebook Page from Student/Creator Geoff Campbell

  1. GeoffatMountAllison says:

    To be fair I waited almost two weeks and I only got a form letter back thanking me ‘for my comments’. They seem to reply to comments pretty quickly now that they have a Facebook page though.

  2. rauenzellami says:

    should have contacted Polycom for the video and UC to work. Would have improved the quality of the meeting.

  3. kara65louky says:

    way into this. khoole, your glass is one-quarter full, and draining. to paraphrase the residents, absence of faith in the system which sustains you is not considered, erm, “khoole.”

  4. studentofprogress says:

    To the democrats I voted for I make the following appeal: In order to make our economy more robust and our businesses more competitive please 1. raise interest rates to encourage consumers to save more which will also give banks more capital to lend out to businesses and 2. repeal the minimum wage back to the ‘06 level. This is the only way to spur new growth without increasing the deficit. In fact, this would reduce the deficit, reduce unemplymt., and increase bus. growth & competitiveness.

  5. xpez says:

    Nice, a class on facebook at USC…. Brilliant minds at work… ” WE realized, there is a community of people on facebook..” ..SUCH INSIGHT GOING ON THERE..

  6. khoole says:

    i’m one of the ones who gave this a strong negative. Gawd, NPR looks like shit in this. Let’s guffaw at “Geoff” and his initiative except the CRAZY LAWYERS vs REASONABLE ANDY!!!! oh shit, npr has 1 zillion fans, “Geoff” had a good idea. whoever was commenting was HORRIBLE. Once, Patrick (whoever he is) starts talking, things start to get interesting in a meeting sense, but then fades out, as all good meetings do…. tis a bunch of bullshit. i lost some respect. thx.

  7. mandarinisgreek2me says:

    This is absolutely adorable. Reasonable Andy is now my hero.

  8. camfam5 says:

    I think the Facebook Page “NPR Owes Geoff a Mug” needs to be created!

  9. davethediplomat says:

    congrats on getting featured Geoff! NPR is the best radio station in my hometown and the news reports are pretty entertaining as well,

  10. PrecautionX says:

    Fight for your mug!

  11. Ouladnail says:

    Hope you get your classy award Supa Star! Not “the guy”!

  12. Ouladnail says:

    Hope you get your classy award Supa Star!

  13. Ouladnail says:

    HOpe you get your classy award Supa Star!

  14. Ouladnail says:

    They’d better being giving you that mug!

  15. GeoffatMountAllison says:

    Just for clarification, that is Eyder Peralta, the Associate Producer of Social Media at NPR speaking via Skype at the July 2010 Annenberg Leadership Summit.

  16. travich says:

    Wow, NPR now has 1.5 million facebook fans as of 2/22/2011!!

  17. pystdragon says:

    Legit work.

    I hope they give you that mug.

  18. WhatTheFashion93 says:

    its 1,502,662 today

  19. NVcestMoi says:

    I love NPR…Please don’t change your journalistic integrity like all the other reporting agencies has (except for reuters, I think).

  20. bakersj says:


  21. Margar02 says:


  22. sageoasis says:

    Hell, cause it’s just funny

  23. TwiggyFlyaway says:

    Hey NPR….can use a mug ! (:-

  24. smokiechick says:

    Shame about your mug Geoff 🙂

  25. wyltk75 says:

    This is great!

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