Affordable Social Marketing Packages Arizona– Visit and get affordable social packages like corporate tweets, posts and blogs that can help marketing Arizona.
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I work at the ADP Social Marketing and Reputation Management Operations Center in Scottsdale, AZ and we are planning to attend the Digital Dealer Conference being hosted at The Mirage from October 11 through the 14th. My team of social marketers are looking for a Las Vegas Hotel to exchange social marketing promotions, hotel reviews on established sites, and millions of impressions delivering highly positive exposure… What do we want in return? 6 hotel rooms for 3 nights so our team is able to attend this important automotive industry event. Here at ADP Social, our job is promote car dealerships through social and manage their online reputation. We’re a group of bloggers, tweeters, foodies, online reviewers, Yelpers, and Facebookers and we love to promote our social media partners! I’d like to discuss how we can partner with you to create user generated content that positively represents and reviews your property to lend credibility online and drive people to choose your hotel for their Vegas trip. Whether we’re tweeting about the hotel, blogging and posting pics of the amazing food, or raving about the night clubs and spa services that we’re experiencing, I’m confident that we can find a way to work together. Additionally, we run a website called that gets more than 20000 unique visitors per month from car dealers around the country. Your hotel can become a front page success story that reviews your property’s
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  1. tijerin01 says:

    Good luck guys! Great video!

  2. webuns says:

    Awesome video.. Good luck guys! Bill