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Get Affordable Social Media Packages in Arizona

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Get Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages in Arizona

Posted: Apr 14, 2011 |Comments: 0


Social media marketing is a great way to connect with many people who can eventually become potential customers for online businesses. As such, getting the most affordable social media marketing packages can turn out to be a big help to individuals who own small businesses.

Corporate Tweets, Posts and Blogs that Sells

Virtually every existing company knows that having an online presence plays an important role in its success. And with the fact that a lot of companies are doing their best to come up with what they deem as the most effective marketing, PR and social media strategies, the issue on how they can take those ideas into the next level to reach their customers in a short span of time, is left.

Lots of advice can be gained from different marketing authorities on how to make your marketing strategies rise above the sea of competition – and it usually commence in simply looking at those people that have done their strategies right, knowing what approaches had worked for them and then customizing those techniques and implementing it into your own business.’s Mark Schaefer, an advertising and communications specialist, mentioned in the media job’s official blog that “so many corporate blogs are blah, blah, and double blah!” In contrast, he remarks that companies like Starbucks, Marriott, GE and Patagonia are perfect example of those that have done their marketing stratagems well. But how come they are distinct among the others? Its in how they gain outreach to their customers thru their blogs. While Starbucks permits loyal customers to post their own ideas thru “My Starbucks Idea”, what makes Marriott unique is that the company’s owner, Bill Marriott are writing the blogs himself! GE’s corporate blog, on the other hand, highlights entertaining stories, multimedia and educational features as well (their imagination is really at work!); Patagonia is not left behind when it comes to posting even off-the-wall items. Perfect example of which is their post about “Waking up Puking”, Schaefer said.

On a side note, if a company does not incorporate blogging in their marketing strategy, you can feel their hype on Facebook and Twitter’s platforms.

“The key is to get customers to talk about your product”, tells Vijay Pullur, CEO and founder of a social media marketing company located in Mountain View, CA, (Google’s hometown). He also stressed out that social media’s key feature is that it tells the reality about certain companies – and those companies should know what’s going on in the social media’s grapevine…the conversation. Knowing your customers’ feedback about your service or product will let you fix it and you can eventually tell the people that it’s fixed.

The issue of whether you should utilize Facebook or Twitter relies on your company’s overall plan and the kind or type of customers that you want to get in touch with. Twitter and Facebook differs in a sense that the latter is where people go to connect and express more of the people’s personal side while the former is more on a flash news kind of stuffs.

For those business owners considering using breakout news and deals as a tactic to service their customers, then you can have a go with Twitter. In contrast, those that would like to have a more in-depth conversation with their customer base; Facebook is the fitting platform to go. However, you still have to keep in mind that these social networks are not direct marketing channels.

Social media marketing success is all about being engaged to what your customer are saying, feeling and word-of-mouth marketing is the most important of all marketing channels. Rephrasing what Pullur had said, social media is an earned media and you have to work hard for people to view your credibility. And it comes from engaging in meaningful and open conversations with your acquired followers.

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Lori Gelder
About the Author:

To further your knowledge on how to improve your small business through social media marketing, visit and get the most affordable social media marketing package in Arizona.

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Benefits of Affordable SEO and Social Media Marketing in Arizona

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Lori Gelderl
Apr 16, 2011

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To further your knowledge on how to improve your small business through social media marketing, visit and get the most affordable social media marketing package in Arizona.

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