urges to take advantage of the fact that isn’t mainstream yet.
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We take the guess work out and bring in consistency. You chose a subscription plan that fits your business objectives and your budget. Every month, every other month, or 4 times a year * We schedule a video shoot that’s less than 2 hours (not all day). * The video is the essence of what’s important right now to you and your business – a CEO Minute, a Customer Interview, “How To” Information * We edit the video takes to create a final version for review that includes motion graphics, logo’s, music, introduction, and closing. * We create a Video Channel on the internet for you, upload the video and make it available for you to use on your website as well. * We schedule your next video shoot ensuring consistency, relevancy, and timeliness of your marketing message. * In one year, you will have 4-12 high quality, high definition videos that you can use, all for a fraction of the price of the “traditional” approach. All you pay is 00 per video Call us today and schedule a Free Video Marketing Interview. You can have your message in a Video, On-Line in No Time.
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